Dato’ Andy Low: Entrepreneurship Journey From SoFa Bed Sleeper to the Emperor of Legal Palace

Date & Time: 02 Nov 10am – 12pm Master Trainer: Dato’ Andy Low (Founder of Low & Partners) When Andy first started his business before his age of 21, he used to sleep in a two seater SOFA Bed in his tiny office room for a few years to save

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2 GREATEST Methods to be Successful & Happy in Business

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Master Class #218: 视频营销:如何用1首歌的时间破冰成交 Close Sales with Video Marketing

特邀主講人: 钟谨阳 ChingYang – 视频微营销教练 – 微商直通车联合创始人 – 微商大咖商学院特约微导 – #阳光周一 创始人 – 新加坡百万元业务主管 流程 (120分钟) ————– 網絡課程流程(90 分钟) 5 分钟 : 主辦單位EvannaMiss8介绍主講人钟谨阳 ChingYang 70 分钟: 钟谨阳 ChingYang分享时间 * 视频营销 * 销售、业务、网卖、居家的自聘业者必须懂的视频微营销策略 15 分钟 : 问题环节

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Freedom – Backpacking Travel to Xi’an (7 – 26 Sept 2016)

I have been hosting so many online training and perhaps it’s time to get take a break and to know each other better …    

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Master Class #219: From Stay-at-Home Mom to Successful Decoupage Entrepreneur

Master Trainer: STEPHANIE SUSI, Creator of decoupage material made in Indoesia In this FREE Online training, you’ll learn – Stephanie’s journey from stay at home mom to entrepreneurship, – how she started, build and market her business – business opportunities of decoupage – how can mother’s start decoupage business

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Master Class #217: Business Opportunity of Jewelry Related Business and How to Start One of Your Own

Master Trainer: Angie Ng, Founder and Master Creator of Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) She is also the Award Winner of Top 50 Business Women Leaders in Asia Pacific 2014 In this FREE Online training, you’ll learn – Angie’s entrepreneurship journey & how she started – business opportunities of Jewelry

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Master Clas #215: Introduction to Zero Budget Facebook Marketing, 7 Steps to Sustainable and Scalable Success

This is an online training hosted by FounderMethod. If you wish to learn more from Marcus via face-to-face physical workshops, click the link below for more info Master Trainer: Marcus Teoh Founder, Marcus Teoh Global In this 2 hours high impact FREE Online training, you’ll learn STEP 1: Establish

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日期和时间: 1st Dec 2 – 4 pm 特邀主講人: Helen Chen 曾军颖 流程 (120分钟) 這網絡課程将注重以下 5 分钟 : 主辦單位羅卉娉介绍主講人Helen Chen 曾军颖 50 分钟: 2017年个人磁场分析 50 分钟 : 2017年个人颜色分析 15 分钟 : 问题环节 如何參加課程培训 ? 现场直播版是完全免费 如果您参加不到现场免费網絡課程或您想得到所有完整的課程錄音視頻和下載,可以加入付費會員。想當TaxPlanningMethod付費會員, 请点击以下. 现场的线上免费網絡課程倒计时

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Master Class #213: 10分钟吸引100位精准粉丝

特邀主講人: 陳昤潸X03 * 中小企业网站引流培训讲师 * 网络微营销策略顾问 * 微商大咖商学院微导 * 微商大咖商学院资深合伙人 流程 (120分钟) ————– 這網絡課程将注重以下 5 分钟 : 主辦單位羅卉娉介绍主講人陳昤潸X03 70 分钟: 主講人分享时间 1. 个人塑造,建立信任 2. 2016年下半年,要和谁混? 3. 如何找 4. 借力使力 15 分钟 : 问题环节

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khim tan

Master Clas #216: 如何通过Facebook面子书营销,赚取RM400k以上的月销售

完整版视频 想参加线下实体课程的请在以下 特邀主講人: Khim Tan ( MIR Maju Enterprise Sdn Bhd 创办人) 流程 (120分钟) ————– 這網絡課程将注重以下 5 分钟 : 主辦單位羅卉娉介绍主講人 Khim Tan 100 分钟: 主講人分享时间 * Khim Tan的创业之旅 * 如何通过Facebook营销,每月赚取RM402,600的销售 15 分钟 : 问题环节

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