How Much Should You Spend to Achieve Your New Year Resolution ? … the Art of Self-Learning …

How Much Should You Spend to Achieve Your New Year Resolution ?

I had always put “dancing” as my new year resolution for the past 10 years but somehow, it was never achieved for a good 10 years … “No time lar” was the main reason (or I regard it as excuse) … Somehow, I was very fascinated about chinese cultural dance focusing on the dances that were from imperial palace … subconsciously, I knew this was what I wanted to do …

On November 2013 (2 months before year end), I decided that well, I got to “get on my “dancing dream” ” no matter what … But I encounter a problem, I googled high & low but there was no teacher available .. I even asked my girlfriend, who was an owner of Malaysia’s dance magazine but still could not find any teacher available …

However, with no teacher I manage to achieve my dream by self learning

The Journey to discover the skill of SELF LEARNING

What I did next is to experiment on a concept I learn from TED speaker to self learn any new skills within 20 hours … This is the step by step how I did it and I am sharing this with you because I hope that you can achieve what you dream of in year 2014

Anything is possible … I used my dancing resolution as an “excuse” to develop my self learning skills …
There are 4 main steps
Step #1: (data gathering) I Google 驚鴻舞 and there are many videos , some in youtube and some in youku (china version of youtube) … Review 5 videos and choose which one you want to use as reference … Tips: I was overwhelmed at the variety of videos available, so, tips here is to sort out the videos based on most view and just look at the top 5 most viewed videos …


self learn 2

Step #2: (deconstruction of the components) After you picked the ONE video you want to use as your “learning” reference material … Deconstruct it … My video was 3:30 minutes, so I sliced the dance move into a tempo of 4 beats (it’s a music and dancing thing) … and I design a self learning schedule day by day committing my time during that day to learn different sections …

For example, 18 November 2013, my target was to learn from second 0 to second 36, so, I just focus on learning the first 36 seconds and practice for 2 hours … Here’s how my time management goes, I made a commitment to myself and followed it strictly for 10 days … note that most people check emails every 10 minutes, if you want to focus on achieving your dreams, well, email and smart phone will need to be put a side for the next 10 days

9 – 11 am : work (focus on learning & thinking type of work)
11 – 11:30am : answer emails
11:30 am – 1:30pm: dance practice (no interruption time, fully focus)
1:30pm – 2:30 pm: lunchself learn 1
2:30 – 3:30pm: work (focus on action based type of work)
3:30 – 5:30pm: afternoon nap
5:30 – 6:00pm: answer emails
6:00pm onwards: taking care of kids & family






Step #3: (management & implementation) Start to Practice and Track dream progress using Google Sites … The way to make sure I Stick to the schedule Is to create my own Google Site (it’s FREE) you can set this high intensity learning for 10 – 20 days depending on your own schedule … Let me share with you what I have carved out for year 2014, I have committed to learn 1 new dance every month … haha ! and I use the FREE Google Site to keep me focus … Repeat and Practice is the key, there’s no short cut … You’ll find that it’s frustrating at first to get through the first 5 days (because your habit & action need to change) but just hang on there and stick to your learning plan … If this is the dream that you really want to achieve, your inner passion will help you through the toughest frustration period …

self learn 3

Step #4: (re-inforce your commitment) Share your progress … After you’ve committed to something, it’s best to share with friends … When you share something with other people, you tend to subconsciously be committed to deliver … My friends have mixed reactions because not all of them are fans of “dancing” … Nevermind , just share your progress out …

As for how much does my dream cost ? Well, I try to break them down …

Time Cost: 20 hours ( 2 hours per day)
Costume Cost: RM 107.21 bought from
Online Tools used:
Youtube (for video reference): FREE
Google Site (for dream management & tracking): FREE

I am proud to share with you my dancing video because I used only 20 hours and less than RM 110 to achieve my dreams

One components that is critical is TIME and from the process of self learning, I have sort of mastered the skill of time management … It help me expand to be more productive and efficient at work … So, by stepping out to achieving your personal dream, you can at the same time in parallel achieve success in your career and business …

There’s Only 4 steps to pick up a new unfamiliar skills , this is not a major discovery, rather it’s following simple step by step … and put in commitment & time to mindfully progressing one mini-step a day …

  • Step #1: (data gathering) 
  • Step #2: (deconstruction of the components)
  • Step #3: (management & implementation)
  • Step #4: (re-inforce your commitment)

Well, this is the summary of my own the Art of Self-Learning , I hope to inspire those of you that dreams does not necessarily be a BIG dream, it’s what you really want to do if you know that you are going to die tomorrow  … I use this extreme forceful mindset to help make most of my decisions throughout my day because I have personally experienced that life is so fragile and I really can not guarantee I will still be alive tomorrow …So, what I decide might be the wrong thing or the right thing to do, but whatever I decide to do is a true reflection of my heart … 

Happy Self Learning … Happy Setting Resolution … Happy New Year 2014 !!!

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