5 Ways to Start a Business

one phrase after I watch the below video “Laugh Die Me” !!!

if you wanna good laugh, please click & watch the below video done by Inti Mass Communication Students (produced in less than 10 days)…

This is the great work by Inti Subang Mass Communication Student Group #2. They are:-

  1. Ho Mun Keong
  2. Megan Pang
  3. Carmen Au
  4. Nigel Loo
  5. Ting Zhen Hong
  6. Stella Cheah

They came up with the concept and end product in less than 10 days …


Personal Review after leading these students

Confucius advices that, 学以至用 … we need to apply the things that we learn …

I really love reading chinese history, when I read or experience anything … I’ll have one end in mind …

“how can this piece of knowledge be useful to my work ?”

OK … so to guide the students, I draw great inspiration from Sun Bin: he was a brilliant military strategist had his kneecaps removed, permanently crippling him by his so called BEST friend and ENEMY. He is the author of Sun Bin’s Art of War (孫臏兵法) and 36 war strategies


He is crippled, means he can not go to war personally to fight his enemy and defend his beloved country … However, he uses flexible strategies that he learnt from his teacher “Gui Gu Zi” and became a very successful military strategist … highly leveraging on what he has and what his enemy has to defeat his enemy … It looks effortless because he use good strategies … we call it minimum load effect, “using the minimum effort to create MAXIMUM result” … and this requires a lot of THINKING work …

I was inspired by reading his story and strategy for like 10 million times because I was constantly thinking, can I “design and strategize the framework” and have the creative students to deliver great work ?

I imagine myself as Sun Bin, I am crippled, I am outnumbered but still need to lead my team to deliver great result … Yes, thanks to his books, I sort of manage to achieve it …



Direction is way more important than magnitude

From this project, I learnt that when you are put in charge to be a leader or manager, you have to …

1. Create Time to respond to your staffs or people working for you
2. Create a System for your instructions to reach your staffs FAST (my definition of FAST means in less than 8 seconds, your staff is able to see your instructions in less than 8 seconds)
3. Create a system for you to Response to your staffs FAST (my definition of FAST here means in less than 4 hours, you need to give a ‘YES” or “NO” decision when your staffs ask you a question that they can’t seem to solve themselves)

A leader is the one who is able to provide clear DIRECTION, your staffs is the one who make sure they are well executed (MAGNITUDE )

A leader need not need to be the smartest or most capable in execution …

But he or she MUST have a very clear strategy, a clear sense of direction … and most importantly COMMUNICATE your directions and strategies clearly and be RESPONSIVE … It sounds easy, but not easy when doing …

My Way is I find opportunity to Keep on practising on how to be a leader and to refer and to read SUN BIN’s book  … And I am so fortunate to have Inti and it’s students to allow me this opportunity to value add each other … it’s a WIN-WIN partnership that I’ve cherished … 😀

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