Master Class #44-Acquiring ACCOUNTING Knowledge For Your Own Success: A Complete Guide of Business & Career Opportunities


FounderMethod had Webinar Session with Ms Tan Poh Ling (a partner in MorisonAAC) on career advice for those who take up accountancy. We receive a question from an online audience

“In fact, I worked as auditor, tax, SAP FICO consultant after graduating but after all these years of working I think I feel BORED, hectic and thinking of leaving accountancy but reluctant due to waste of years. Can you shed some light for me how can I rekindle my interest? Sorry if the question sounding silly. I feel lost.”

Poh Ling’s Answer was

“Well I guess if you feel bored about doing auditor, tax, consultant, maybe you can change line to consulting like corporate finance in accounting firm which is very interesting. You know, like maths has do the right thing and to find the right solution for your customer. You know some people, after some times they feel bored with the routine works. So I think your advices is to maintain your accountant job but change the scope of work because accounting got kinds of scope of works right? Yes, I know people may easily get bored with all the numbers and tax you know, maybe you can go to gym, take a day off, to get relax yourself.

Change scope of work: Look out for works that related to Corporate finance or Consulting Division in Accounting Firm.

*Do we have such positions in Malaysia?

Yes, you can go to the big four like us, or mid size firm like PKF, OBO. You can also work with CIMB, Arab Malaysia merchant banks. You can search in the or you can also send your CV to poh ling because she knows 80% of the accounting firm in Klang Valley.


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