(Part #2) Be Lazy & The Art of Delegation


My previous blogpost on “the story of Lazy & The Art of Delegation” was very well received 🙂 … Click Here to Read if you have not read it … You’ll learn ways of How I became so Lazy but productive … https://www.foundermethod.com/be-lazy

In this blog, I am training you how to be MORE LAZY and further delegate your repeated tasks

I am managing 66 inti students now in a 6 weeks project and how do I give a “UNITED” instructions to my outsources ? I use Google Hangout on air to broadcast & record the video, then i embed the youtube video into the google sites. Note that Google Hangout on Air is FREE and Google Sites is also FREE …

Summary #1: By using Google Hangout, I do not need to “repeat myself” , “repeat my instructions”, “repeat my training” … it’s so boring needing to repeat, repeat and repeated say the same things to different people. Use Google Hangout On Air … Go ahead and learn from this Training Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rkEh3CGutc

Next thing that helped me to gather data & statistics is Google Form. From the Google Form, I just need to click Tools -> Show Summary, and I am able to see in a glance which group has performed and which group has not … Training on Google Form can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjNXa2vMWG8

Summary #2 : By using Google Form, I saved a lot of administration time and I get things done by one click button … it’s cool …

I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year !

and Happy Being MORE Lazy !

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