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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

During Spring Cleaning Recently, I went through some of the books I’ve read books and I would love to share how to read efficiently … This is what I will do, I’ll grab a pen and paper next to the book that I’m reading, and write down the “specific action items” I will immediately take after reading a few pages, a few paragraphs etc … Schedule in my calendar to try, experiment & implement the ideas learnt from the book …  In Chinese, there’s a saying “书中自有黄金屋,书中自有颜如玉” means The book is a house of gold, the book is your fair lady (if you can’t find girlfriend, then find a good book to read, it’s better than finding girlfriends as your company)

Here are summary of what I’ve learnt and would like to  share with you …

Book#1: The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Ok, this is the best of the best books I’ve read. I now worship this book more than anything else. This book is about developing an automation system to replace “you”. It is suitable to employees (so that you can learn tricks to negotiate a “work-from-home” deal with your boss), it is also suitable for business owners (so that you can learn tricks on how to have a business and have a LIFE). The real value of this book for employees is it teaches you the tips on how to convince your boss to let you work from home …

Book#2: FREE by Chris Anderson


This books shows that with Internet, emerge a new economical model called FREEmium. In this book, Chris had given us clear  examples of many business making money by giving things for FREE. It is suitable for business owners that wants to use FREE (the correct way) to generate more sales.





Source of FREEmium Model (

Book#3: Blink by Malcolm Galdwell

This book is an interesting read because it shows many example of thinking without thinking. Many people rely on hard facts and data in their decision making, however, Malcolm shares more about intuition, snap decisions, thin slicing, spontaneity, listening with your “eyes” not your “ears” are the basics of making great decisions.

Book#4: See, Feel, Think Do by Andy Milligan & Shaun Smith

This books shows many examples of of businesses engaging with real customer to find out what they should do. Some examples are like Virgin Airlines, Harley Davidson, Amazon and many more. They have a set of structure in product development or customer satisfaction. They SEE (experience their business as if they were the paying customer), They FEEL (empathizing with their customer, They THINK (coming up with what their business advisors and professionals regard as “crazy ideas” just to improve their customer service), They DO (well, this is the most important part of business)

Book#5: Alibaba by Liu Shi Ying and Martha Avery 

This book describe the inside story behind the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma. Which is the largest ecommerce marketplace in China and probably the world. It is an inspirational story behind the man who created it. Jack Ma uses it’s instincts and habits learnt from martial arts training. What I’ve learnt from Jack Ma is “Our DIRECTION must be VERY CLEAR however, Our APPROACH can be FLEXIBLE” …

Book#6: Loose by Martin Thomas

Many Business Owners complain that they have trouble retaining their staffs, well, maybe this book is a suitable read. However, I predict that those above 45 years old will find this book hard to digest as the main core ideology behind retaining Gen-Y staff is empowering and letting go …

Book#7: The Sticking Point Solution by Jay Abraham

I find that this book is very easily digest as Jay is a marketer himself and the way he presented the book is so easy to understand and implement. The main lessons learn from this book is in order to achieve new levels of profitability and success, business must go out and collaborate or Joint Venture. He shows examples that can help business owners identify good JV potentials and the negotiation process on JV deals.

Book#8: The Woman’s Advantage by Mary Cantando

This book is for women entrepreneur. I feel that it’s mainly highlighting successful western women entrepreneurs about how they became successful. A light read for those who want to see more examples of successful women entrepreneurs.

Book#9: The Impulse Economy by Gary Schwartz

With internet shifting business to another playing field, the next big thing is mobile. This book is suitable for retail business that are looking to tap the vast potential of mobile shopping. Understand what influence the shoppers behaviour will help you grow your business. I see many business have their own mobile applications but well, most are not really useful. I strongly suggest you to read this book to find out why you fail. Mobile Commerce needs more than just “having an app of your company on iphone and andriod”

Book#10: Freedom, Inc by Brian M. Carney and Isaac Getz

With internet and younger staffs coming into your business, it is easier to facilitate them and give them freedom to lead your business to higher growth. This book not only show you why you should do it, it also shows you how to do it. Well, as I mentioned before, those that are used to “top-down” control will find it very uncomfortable to read this book. But most young entrepreneurs that are practising it, find that their staffs are so “self-motivated” to build their business.

Book #11: The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz

After reading this book, I have learnt a lot from taking a work-rest-work approach recommended. This books shows me that working 9-5 (like everyone else) is not productive if you are not cut for it. It shows that great performers know how to balance work-relax-work to achieve the peak performance. It help me not to feel guilty to just stop, take a break, relax and enjoy after a productive 2 hours meeting or work …

Some Chinese-medium comic books which I find very interesting are


Mark is a very talented Taiwanese Blogger and Comic Creator. His blog is at

His new book is suitable for business owners (those who know how to read chinese).

Title of the book: “Things that Bosses Never Want To Let People Know”

Here are three other chinese comic books I’ve read, they are all easy to read, easy to apply book and sold in Popular bookstore.

Book#12: 《一看就懂!卡耐基人际沟通术》
Book#13: 《一看就懂!  孫子兵法的現代應用》
Book#14: 《一看就懂! 三國演義》


Happy Spring Cleaning & Happy Reading !!!





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