Master Class #47-Success Stories of myBurgerLab: How We Get Customers Lining Up for Hours to Buy Our Burgers

MyburgerLab is a quite successful burger restaurant in Malaysia. They only have one simple objective, which is sell a good, juicy burger on a fresh bun to every customers and they never use shortcuts. This burger restaurant also are Muslim friendly restaurant too. Since this burger restaurant do their business so success, here are some question asked by Hasseenah and some tips giving by the owner Mr.Chin Ren Yi. For the beginning, Mr.Chin are looked for his own friends and started with his team. He created a good environment for those people are attracted to it. First of all, he create a culture that are very attractive and people will eventually love that. He also will set up a postal to tell peoples that MyburgerLab are hiring geeks instead of staffs. He always looking for the people that are very socialize, outgoing and also profession in BM or English. The strategy of Mr. Chin use to keep the them loyal are created a bond between him and the team. according to Mr.Chin, he realized that young people will learn from another. So they wanted to continue working because their friends are also working. Beside that, he also will give them ownership, which means Mr.Chin doing profit sharing with them. To do this, he will tell the staffs why are they earning the profits. It is because need to let them know, if they are not performing well, these will actually take effect on their pay cheque. For example, if one of them are bad serving to the customer, they will not come back again, same goes to the cookers does not cook the burger well, the customer will not take photos and post it to Facebook. For how MyburgerLab do the Research & Development, they actually don’t have a specific system and they are not well trained in culinary. They actually do their burger in an engineer way. Which means they write down all the ingredients and do some experiment to make it better.They also understand each of the ingredients will affect the bun. Before MyburgerLab are actually pay slightly higher salary than market price to attract the young people which was RM5 per hour. At that time, only starbuck is offering the same pay with MyburgerLab. However, for now they pay to the staffs has go higher to RM6 per hour with the profit sharing. Mr.Chin created the bond and hold the staffs together and make the team become bigger and special. In fact, when the restaurant put out the hiring poster, there are a lot of people come and interview for the job. So people are actually see the positive energy that comes from this restaurant. So this is creating the right culture, if a business create the right culture, the culture will eventually helps you to attract people. If an employ students, they also will help them with their homework as well. Besides, the restaurant are open after 5p.m, so they can do the homework at there. The restaurant are provided free wifi, so it’s like a private cafe for them to do their homework. In fact, MyburgerLab are also rent their upstair for them as a study and hang out room. So, MyburgerLab are basically trying to do the next google. Click HERE to View Entire Webinar Replay and get all notes. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to our email list to get FREE email updates on free webinars or tips

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