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Sharing by Mr Johari Low
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Wednesday, May 27
2  - 3:30 PM Malaysia Time

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Coaching & Mentoring Programmewith Business Guru: Mr Johari Low


"To be successful in business, you need good planning, resources and execution" said Mr, Johari Low. In this webinar, he'll dive deep & share his real business experiences below

  • 1

    Launched many innovative products in banking such as new money market instruments and share leveraging products

  • 2

    Turned around a manufacturing and distribution concern and a composite insurance company, both loss making for many years.

  • 3

    Transformed a public listed company from loss making to a profitable conglomerate.

  • 4

    Doubled the profits of the largest fast food chain in Malaysia

  • 5

    Founded first venture capital company in Malaysia, first multi-licensed stockbroking business, unit trust management company, independent trust company and Rockwills.

    Rockwills is the leading estate planning group in Malaysia and Singapore

  • 6

    Experience exposure range from retail duty free, departmental stores, food and beverage, hospitality, banking, insurance, property, plantation, stockbroking, private equity, professional services and other

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Business Guru: Mr. Johari Low

(Experienced & Successful in Both Business & Corporate World)

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Mr Johari Low as Featured in
The EDGE (May 2015)

Up Close & Personal with Mr. Johari LowAs Featured in The Star Newspaper

Master Trainer: Mr Johari Low

Mr. Johari Low is a Fellow CPA, Chartered Accountant double awards winner and Mensa member. Johari Low has been involved in the corporate world for over 40 years, as auditor, as receiver and liquidator, a banker, as director of a conglomerate and an insurance and stockbroking group, as founder of a leading unit trust company, as CEO of a large fast food chain, and as Deputy Chairman of a listed plantation group.

He started his first successful business venture at the tender age of 23 and became one of the youngest to be appointed to the board of a bank at age of 33. He has served in the past on the board of listed companies in Australia, HongKong and London, as council member of MICPA, MIA, Lions Club (KL Host) and La Salle Petaling Jaya and as an advisor to several major groups and the Federation of Public Listed Companies as well as the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance.

He is currently an independent director of several public companies and serves as adviser to several business tycoons. He is the Chairman of Rockwills International Group, the leading estate planning group in Malaysia and Singapore

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