Cafe Waiting Love 等一個人咖啡

Didn’t expect that this movie was so good that I must share with you …I cried many times and laughed many times watching this movie …

Enjoy the MTV of Cafe Waiting Love ya

Most impactful scene to me

In Cafe Waiting Love, Everyone is waiting for someone to appear. It struck me when Vivien Chow (older) comforting the younger Vivien Chow to let go of the past that her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. When Vivien’s mind opened up, everything changes … And that was the most impactful scene to me …

Lessons from Cafe Waiting Love

Success & Happiness is when You can lose everything you have accumulated & still be OK with it 🙂 In Chinese, we call this 坦然 and 恬淡

Here is Vivien Chow singing the song for Cafe Waiting Love

Happy Watching Movie that make us realize what is important & make us a better improved person…


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