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Malaysia Government Loans & Grants

Webinar with Loan & Grant Expert : Ching Chee Pun Ching Chee Pun is an expert in Funding & Sourcing. He is the senior partner of Oscar Wealth and Honoray Secretary of Branding Association Malaysia. He will share on the types of Government Loan and Grant available for Malaysia SME

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Master Class #59-Loan & Grant Expert : Ching Chee Pun

What does funding have to do with business? Everything … it’s great to find out all the funding available in Malaysia and to develop good funding strategies for your business the most successful entrepreneur know where to & how to get funds here is how to do it … Master Trainer: Ching Chee Pun

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Master Class #49-Major Highlights of Malaysia BUDGET 2014

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is applied on value added activities from production stage to retail stage. Well, today we are not likely to cover all off the area of GST with this short period of time because this is depending on the activities. GST also applies on domestic and

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