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Master Class #52-Getting Into The FRANCHISE Game: Things you need to know

Thursday, December 05,2013 4.00pm-5.00pm Speaker: Miss Geetha,Managing Director of Kass International This webinar will cover ·          What are you getting yourself into? .          The working mechanics of a franchise ·          Rules ·          Advantages and disadvantages ·          Role of IP in franchises You may right click & select save link

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Master Class #48-What Can You Do With A Law Degree? An Overview Of The Career Paths In The Malaysian Legal Industry.

What can you do with a Law Degree? Besides being a lawyer, you can work as a law lecturer. Teaching law is an honourable profession because it cultivates and brings out the best of a lawyer. To be a law lecturer, you must at least have a LOM.

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Master Class #17-Geetha K.: How to Monetize Intellectual Property in Your Businesss

Geetha has extensive experience in handling all aspects of trademarks and designs in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, automotive and apparel, and manages local, regional and international portfolios.

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