Catching Up with Important People During Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Years is THE BEST every reason to be busy catching up with friends, family, relatives, business associates, clients, prospect … Many Business Owners will take this GOLDEN Opportunity to do Power Networking around with many open houses, gathering, hou kong lunch etc etc … If we are good at networking, we are able to grab many business opportunities and can benefit throughout the whole year , 365 days and beyond …. So, Chinese New Year is THE TIME to Go Out and Boost Your Business Opportunities & Increase Your Network Potentials…

If there’s any company event, GO ! If there’s any of your spouse’s company event, ATTEND ! if there’s any open house organized by associations, JUST GO ! Remember ya, do bring Your Name Cards … This is THE TIME that business owners and entrepreneurs is able to distribute 80% of their total business namecards… hahaha … :p

Evanna’s Chinese New Year 2014 Dream – Catching Up and Dance with her “inner-self”

Did I Left Someone Out during our CNY Networking & Catching Up session ?

On my facebook, I posted on 18 January 2014″I will wear this high slit emerald green gold cheongsam for all 2014 CNY functions/events … specially chose this color because it symbolises “balance, harmony & growth” … I don’t want 财源广进, 发财or生意兴隆… I wish to GROW my DANCING skills … I wish to dance freely in the nature – under cherry blossom trees, next to a misty lake, in a bamboo forest, in a gazebo high up in the mountains … Happy Chinese New Year !!!”

YES ! there’s one person … This year I have decided to catch up with someone whom I have ignored all these while … I decided to catch up with the Evanna that I have “tucked” away deep in somewhere inside me for 34 years due to various commitments … I decided to do a NETWORKING session with someone that is very IMPORTANT but I had IGNORED …. I decided to do NETWORKING and CATCH UP with My Inner Self … And Realise the Potentials and Opportunity that we can do together (Evanna vs Evanna) for this year of horse … 

After YEARS of Repetitive Routine of Celebrating Chinese New Year and Routines in Life, you will often need to dig really hard to find back your passions, redefine your dreams that matter to you, and revive hobbies that you let atrophy to near extinction. 

My definition of Successful, Wealthy and Prosperous is from the time I wake up till I fall asleep , I am able to choose who, what, when and how I spend my time with/on … And my inner self tells me that she wants to dance freely under cherry blossom tree … well, I don’t know how to achieve it 3 weeks ago but hey, I decided to just do it this year …

This Chinese New Year, I can say that I am very successful … because for the 1st time, I am able to REALLY catch up with my inner self and do things that my other Evanna has been dreaming of doing … which is … Evanna versus Evanna

  • who I am doing this ?- My Inner Self (the love to dance Evanna),
  • what I am doing ?– dancing under cherry blossom tree
  • when I am doing this ? – during chinese new year, during cherry blossom season
  • how I am doing it ?– by myself … booked air tickets, accommodation, pack up my dancing attire, figure out the transportation to get to the cherry blossom garden and JUST DO IT !

    Catching up with Evanna’s inner self during this Chinese New Year – dancing freely & surrounded by natural Cherry Blossoms

This is something very different from what I am used to do in the previous years … And I am sharing with you because the joy and prosperity derived from catching up with our inner self is so tasty … yum yum … when your heart, soul, physical and mental are aligned, your business will “gallop” away … I wish happy success to everyone …

As an entrepreneur and owning foundermethod as a online media platform, I received many invitations to attend many chinese new year events … well, this year, I have decided to gallop away from all these obligations … I freed up my time for the MOST positive use, simply as doing what I really want (dancing & practicing dancing) as opposed to what I feel obligated to do (attending business networking and open houses)

  • If success to you means financial freedom, so be it … it’s great !
  • If success to you means spending more time with family, so be it … it’s awesome !
  • If success to you means being able to achieve your childhood dreams, so be it … it’s a wonderful !

Here are some greetings and proverbs we normally wish during Chinese New Year to greet your friends & family … So, this year of horse, let’s WISH our inner self this few wishes … 

  • 马年大吉 Mǎnián dàjí (Wish you luck in the Year of the Horse.)
  • 心想事成 Xīnxiǎng shì chéng (May all your wishes come true.)
  • 金玉滿堂 Jīnyùmǎntáng (May your wealth come to fill a hall.)
  • 身体健康 Shēntǐ jiànkāng (Enjoy good health.)
  • 迎春接福 Yíngchúnjiēfú (Greet the New Year and encounter happiness.)
  • 萬事如意 Wànshìrúyì (May all your wishes be fulfilled.)
  • 马年大吉 Mǎ nián dàjí (Best wishes for the Year of the Horse.)


I hope you are able to spend some time to greet YOURSELF the above few wishes and well, achieve your wishes …

  • Maybe you had a “crazy” vision for your business long time ago but did not execute due to financial constrains and other distractions …
  • Maybe you had a business “idea” long time ago that you chatted with your close friends but did not implement due to other commitments …
  • Maybe you want to attend a special business/motivational course long time ago but didn’t not attend due to various reasons

Catch up with Your Inner Self and find out your dreams and vision in your business or personal lives during this chinese new year …  if you do find time to catch up with yourself and you have something so share, just drop me a comment under this blog … I am happy to read 😀

In This special Year of Horse, I will say more of I am just going to doing it “somehow” …  NOT I will do it “someday” … well, “Someday” is an excuse we normally use when pursuing our dreams and I really do not want to let “someday” be the reason of bringing my dancing dreams to my grave …

May all your wishes come true in the Year of HORSE … 😀

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