#IntiFMIdol: Coco Tan

Evanna Phoon

#IntiFMIdol is a project initiated by FounderMethod to promote 15 physically challenged entrepreneurs in Malaysia & is 100% a Malaysian Made Production by 70 Gen Ys from Inti Diploma of Mass Communication

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Here is the story to #IntiFMIdol Coco Tan - Everything is not always a loss.

Disability is a physical or mental condition that may limits movements, senses or even activities - it is also often misused to many due to lack of understanding.

A person can be disabled since they were born, or an incident takes place in which will change how the person is after.

Aspiring and optimistic, Coco Tan is a successful entrepreneur who owns Cre8tive, a stationary shop at Damansara Avenue in Ativo Plaza and also another outlet in Kepong Maluri.

“I started my freelance design at home with my friends – few of us have home office and after around 6 months, we came across a shop that wants to let go.” explains Tan.

However, it is not all that glitter and gold as she has to face a few struggles of her own almost every single day.

“It happened three years back, in a car accident and I was the passenger.” said Tan. “My friend drove the car, I’m not sure what happened because I faced a memory loss during that period of time.”

Tan mentions that she faced a memory loss for about a week, she couldn’t remember what had happened during the time of the accident.

Coco Tan was not born disabled, she met into a car accident with her friend as they were making their way to college for her final examination.

Before the accident Tan loves going on outdoor adventures and activities and always love to go to parties with her friends


Coco Tan (Far left) together with students of Inti


“I woke up and I knew I was at the hospital, the moment I opened my eyes – I saw my mother crying at the corner.”

During the interview, Tan mentioned that after the accident her mother was the one who motivates her at times when she was at her darkest moment.

“According to the nurses, I’ve tried to commit suicide more than once, my younger sister even told me that they had to strapped me and I asked her to unbuckle the straps.” Tan admits.

Coco Tan’s disability after the accident is that she has a multifractal on her spine, pelvis, both thighs, knee and also both ankles.

In a year, Coco Tan has been through more than ten surgeries in and out of Malaysia, she had a surgery in Singapore for her spine.

“I’m not that heavy disabled, for normal walking with short distance – I’m still able to handle it.” said Tan. “But if there’s stairs, those uneven roads like grass and sand, I would need help for that.”

As the accident happened when Tan was still a student, she went back to college after to continue with her studies and came back to work after 3-4 years.

Coco Tan faced her accident during her final year of studies, after the accident she started working and only continued her studies after.

Tan is a student who majors in Interior Design, together with 4 of her classmates, they formed a group of freelance designing as to they help each other out in Tan’s stationary shop.

“I understand that with my condition, I couldn’t work for people at that time because it was more serious than it is now.” explained Tan when asked about duration of her business.

Currently, Tan works every day from 9am to 5pm and even on the weekends from 11am to 5pm, alternating from the outlet in Damansara Avenue and the outlet in Kepong Maluri.

“Actually, I don’t call myself as an OKU, but yes I am compared to those that face more difficulties than me.” Tan admits.

Tan mentions that she feels very lucky to be living in Malaysia and to be provided with care such as providing a parking space closest to the main door in shopping malls and other beneficial needs.

“Initially, it was my mother’s dream to open a flower shop - a modern-style business, and after awhile my stationary shop is also a gift shop as well.” said Tan.

An advice to people out there who wants to start a business but are really reluctant to because they themselves are an OKU – they have to know that they are not alone.

“You need support from people aside you, my friends and family play an important role in all these 3 years for me.”

Tan also mentions that during her accident, she felt very blessed and grateful as to there were many people who came to see her.

It is nice to be important to someone, but it is also more important to be nice to not only someone, but everyone as well.

“After the accident, I only realize who my real friends were, some were only my friends for entertainment – they were not sincere.” Tan adds.

Although, even with the support and help that Coco Tan had received – even with her condition, she was filled with enthusiasm and always being optimistic.

 “What is the most important part is your self conscious – you have to really believe. I tell myself that I must, that’s the difference between I will and I must.” said Tan.

Tan mentions that the doctor said she would be on a wheelchair for the rest of her life, but she has proved him wrong more than once – not only by walking but a lot of internal sickness.

Internal sickness that Tan faces are such as urination.

“I will is a dream, I must is something that you really have to accomplish it. So you really have to have that confident.” said Tan as she smiles.

Quote from Coco

Quote from Coco

Coco Tan is a very cheerful person, and even more inspiring that motivates you into not giving up so easily or constantly always thinking of the outcome instead of living the moment.

“I think I’m a very spontaneous person, back before the accident if I want something or want to go somewhere – I would definitely go for it and get it.” said Tan.

Tan is also a social and adventurous person as she loves to go out and mingle around with her friends and always love meeting new people.

Although after the accident happened, there were some difficulties that cannot be ignored that she has to face to, but that still did not stop her from trying.

“My hobbies as of now include reading books, something quiet. Not compare to last time before the accident.” Tan said.

“I was very hyper last time and I love to travel, but as for now, its not that these things stop me but maybe in time in the future you will see me doing it again.” as Tan smiles saying this.

After meeting and interviewing with Coco Tan, it really shows how she truly is very friendly and is a very positive person.

Moreover, she is also willing to accept for what had happen to her and tries to make the best of what she has – even if it is not that much.

People like these are very hard to find, especially if they were not disabled since birth and for someone who was disabled due to an incident who can accept what has happened is very rare.

As quoted from Laurie Notaro, if you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another - really fits in well on Coco Tan’s perspective.

Business Information of #IntiFMIdol - Coco Tan
Operation Hours of Cre8Tive: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm
Address: Level 2, Lot B-2-7 Ativo Plaza. No 1 Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue, Bandar Sri Damansara 52200 KL
Email: cre8tive.ysl@outlook.com
Facebook: Cre8tive Gift, Stationery & Florist
Website: www.cre8tive.com.my
Nature of business: Cre8tive Gifts, Stationery & Florist


Video Production & Article Write Up is by Group #6 Gen Y 


Students of Group #6 with Evanna Phoon (far left) during Mid-Checkpoint discussion & review session

  1. Farah Izzati
  2. Ng Jiao Shen
  3. Nilahsha Krishnan
  4. Veenitha Ramasamy
  5. Yvone Yong

Thoughts of Group #6 on #IntiFMIdol Project

Evanna: Most easy part for you in this project?

Students of Group #6: Planning out the question for Coco Tan (our interviewee), the whole interview process.

Evanna:  Most difficult part for you in this project?

Students of Group #6: Deciding on which angle to do for the video shooting, PR/Promotion part, exporting the video and uploading it on youtube. Choosing on the perfect text, perfect font to produce the best video.

Evanna: . Your attitude before this project?

Students of Group #6: Wouldn't take initiative in completing work. Take long time to get work done. Out of focus (too much of a distraction).

Evanna: . Your attitude after this project?

Students of Group #6: Producing quality work. Set a distinctive dateline for ownself to complete the work.

Evanna: . What has this project taught you & what you've learnt from the disabled entrepreneurs that you can apply in your life?

Students of Group #6: Looking at Coco positivity after the accident that happened on her 3 years ago, she still smiles widely and move on with her life. She taught us the beauty of keep giving faith to ourself and never ever give up to complete something. At times when you feel like giving up, just keep moving forward because there's always opportunities waiting for us to look up to. She told us there's a distinctive different between 'I will' and 'I must'. I will is at the end of the day you might or might not accomplish your goal but I must is at the end of the day you will accomplish you goal. Always tell yourself 'I Must' to keep moving forward. At the end of the day you when you look back you will be so proud of yourself with the results that you have achieved.


Group#6 students with Coco Tan (second from left) after the video shooting at her shop (Cre8tive)

Group#6 students with Coco Tan (second from left) after the video shooting at her shop (Cre8tive)

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