Recently, I found out that MIA, CPA Australia and MAICSA recognize learning hours for E-Learning, Webinars & Online Training related to their scope of work and professional education.

This means, as long as you fulfill their requirements, you are entitled to CPD / CPE credit hours from attending my online training (LIVE or RECORDED)

The great news is, I have upgraded my online training to be CPE / CPD friendly so that if you attend my online training, you will get a full record that is available for your professional body’s inspection to meet your CPE/CPD requirements!

EvannaMiss8 Producer & Host of CPE & CPD Friendly Online Training for Professionals & Company Directors

Common FAQ

Story Behind CPD/CPE friendly Online Training for Professionals & Company Directors

I transformed my online training to serve professionals and company directors who needs to fulfill their CPD / CPE requirement ...

But first, allow me to share with you the story behind my massive transformation ...

Middle of December last year, I was very stressed up by a paid member called Ng. He is from Alor Setar and he was screaming for help because he has not fulfill his CPD/CPE hours from MIA and MICPA. He bought two of my online courses, CompaniesMethod and TaxPlanningMethod but was not sure whether he can use them to claim CPD/CPE points.

Somehow, I die die also want to help him … and because I have Mark Zukerberg’s genius programming brain, I manage to develop script to make CompaniesMethod and TaxPlanningMethod CPD and CPE friendly report in just 4 days.

At that time, we were not sure whether my report will be accepted by MIA and CPA Australia or not … It was completed on 20 Dec, 5 days before Christmas where our hearts are no longer at work and is already preparing to go holiday. I send the report to him. He send to them ... and we just pray to the sky that somehow luck will be on our side ...

On the 4th of January 2017 , Ng sent me great news that YES, My Online Trainings were accepted my MIA and CPA Australia. Hurray !!!

Therefore, NEW year means NEW Challenge and Change for me …

In year 2016, I am the Goddess of Online Business Edutainment

In year 2017, I elevated myself to become the Goddess of CPD/CPE Friendly Online Training for Professionals and Company Directors.

In year 2016, I focused on entrepreneurs and business owners.

In year 2017, I upgraded my focus to serve the needs of
Professionals such as auditors, accountants, company secretaries, lawyers, financial planners etc who must fulfil their CPD/CPE points.
Directors of Public Listed Companies and Private Limited Companies who might also need to fulfill CPD/CPE points

However, I am am a Zen & Minimalist practitioner. I don't change for the sake of changing, I don't upgrade for the sake of upgrading, I don't transform for the sake of transforming.

I only change if it has positive impact to my online audience ...

I treat my online training like how I treat my LIFE. It has to be Mona Lisa world class standard ! I don’t mind taking longer time to produce as long as it is relevant to you.

I treat my online audience like how I treat my ART. I don’t mind taking extra effort but I want to design online courses that is practical to your immediate needs.

Is CPE / CPD from your online training recognized by other professional bodies such as SSM, CTIM, Bursa, Bar Council, FPAM etc?

EvannaMiss8's response: You have got to write in and check with your respective professional body to ask whether they accept or not. And what are the supporting documents they require from you.

I have prepared sample email templates for you to copy and modify before sending out. Please feel free to click here to get the samples

Email TemplatesTo Write In to Your Professional Body

I am not familiar with online training and not tech savvy. How can I ensure that EvannaMiss8 will respond to me ?

EvannaMiss8's response: I do provide both email & whatsapp support so that I can solve any technical and IT problem fast.

I watched your live online training and recorded training. Which one is eligible to CPE / CPD credit hours ? Live only or Recorded only or EITHER ? Please clarify

EvannaMiss8's response: You need to clarify with your professional body whether they accept LIVE? RECORDED ? or EITHER ? for their CPE / CPE credit hours. As for my system, I am able to generate a verifiable report for you as evidence of time spent on attending training as your supporting documents for BOTH live and recorded webinar.

Can you give me practical examples of CPD / CPE calculation and how this will impact me ?

EvannaMiss8's response: Please see below for the practical example of calculation. Blue and Highlighted are the response from professional body.

From MAICSA website on Recognize CPD Activities

Reply from MAICSA (forwarded by a Paid Member, TQVM Teh for this email)

Can you show me sample of report that you will generate for me to comply with CPE or CPD Audit Requirement ?

EvannaMiss8's response:

Sure, below will be the certified trust extract of attendance report that I am able to generate.

I will only generate the report for Paid Premium Member per email address. It is non-transferable, and non-shareable.

Attendance Report on Live WebinarSAMPLE

Sample Attendance Report of LIVE Webinars in Year 2016 for Paid Premium Members of CompaniesMethod

Attendance Report on Recorded WebinarSAMPLE

Sample Attendance Report of Recorded Webinar

I want to get CPD only, so can I just turn on and "pretend" to attend the LIVE WEBINAR ... During your Live webinar session, I do other things but I keep the webinar session running in the background ...

EvannaMiss8's response: Yes, you can do that. But it will reflect in your report, there's an "Interest Rating" column. Interest Rating, is a statistic that gauges attendee interest during the webinar. It is taken from an equation that evaluates each attendee's interactions on a scale of 1 to 100.

The Interest Rating equation
This proprietary algorithm is used to calculate each attendee's interest. Below you can see explanations of what each variable means.


(R) Registration Data Percent of completed optional questions

(P) Polling Percent of answered poll questions

(Q) Q&A/Chat ([The number of times an attendee initiated dialogue] divided by [most frequently initiated attendee dialogue attempts]) times 100

(A) Attentiveness Percent of time the GoToWebinar Viewer is the primary window on the attendee's screen

(S) Survey Percent of completed survey questions

(L) Attendance Length ([Attendee end time minus attendee start time] divided by [longest attendee length]) times 100

(N) Number of inputs (6)

In summary, if you are attending LIVE webinars, please make sure that you

  • answer my questions posted
  • participate in quizzes and polls
  • do not minimize the webinar screen and multi-tasking other work
  • be FOCUS and attentive to the webinar



As I mention at the beginning of this website, I treat my online training like how I treat my LIFE. It has to be Mona Lisa world class standard !

I do not wish to attract audience that are going to abuse the convenience of my online platform.

If you wish to get “short cuts”, my platform is NOT suitable for you. You can find other training providers to meet your needs, not me …

I treat my online audience like how I treat my ART. I don’t mind taking extra effort but I want to design online courses that is practical to your immediate needs.

I do not wish to get trainers that train you A-Z but you end up with information overload. I only get trainers who have first hand experience & deliver straight to the critical point training. with examples, checklist, procedures, guides, templates etc …

If you wish to learn everything from A-Z and having a mouthful of information, my platform is also NOT suitable for you. You can find other training providers to meet your needs, not me …

My platform is strictly suitable for professionals and company directors who are genuinely looking for practical education to upgrade their professional knowledge for their daily job & business.

EvannaMiss8 Organizer, Producer & Online Edutainer of CPE & CPD Friendly Online Training for Professionals & Company Directors

If I view your training replay but can't finish in one go, I have to break and split viewing into a few sessions, will your system capture and record my attendance ?

EvannaMiss8's response: Yes, my system is able to track you whenever you logon and view the video replay.

For replay, can I skip and fast forward the video and say that I have completed the training ?

EvannaMiss8's response: Yes you can do that but please do not take the risk ya ?

My system is able to capture every single second whether you are watching, re-watching or skipping the video replay. White means section that you've skipped. Yellow shows section that you have watched. Dark Yellow shows section that you have re-watched.

Below image is the report I will generate for those that watched the replay.

Can you email me a receipt to show proof of payment to your online training ?

EvannaMiss8's response: Sap Sap Sui lar... Easy Peasy ... Sure can. My business partner KC Lau handles all money matters. He will assist you. Just send us a request.

Why do I need to pay to attend your online training when there are so many training organized by other providers that automatically recognizes CPE and CPD

EvannaMiss8 response: Sure sure, you have other alternatives as to the methods of learning. My online training is for those who are geographically inconvenient to access to training or is always on the move

Now is the digital era, my online training is for those who wish to create more time and energy to do more productive work instead of being stuck in physical training room when your client is calling you or being stuck in traffic jam or heavy rain on the way to and back from attending physical training.

It's Not the Big That Eat the Small... It's the Fast That Eat the Slow.

My paid premium member join me because they want to use SPEED as a Competitive Tool in their Business.

TIME and CONVENIENCE are the main reason for them to sign up for my online training.

There are thousands of training providers out there but only one EvannaMiss8 who is the BEST Edutainer in the Universe. Those who attended my online training will immediately open up a whole new perspective about webinar training.

I let quality of my work speaks for it self.  muahahahahah...

Below are the responses of paid premium member from Alor Setar and Ipoh

Can you help me to change or tweak some minor information in your system ?

EvannaMiss8's response: Strictly NO ! Don't play play. I am too beautiful & talented to die young ok ? When authorities come and audit me, you want to see me die meh ? ...

So, please make sure information you key in to my system is 100% accurate ya? I won't change what is captured by my system

Can you write the CPD/ CPE hours in front of your webinar when you introduce the course? How we know how many CPD/ CPE we can get?

EvannaMiss8's response:

The recognition of CPE / CPD credit hours for Online training & E-learning is VERY NEW to me. I just found out about this Mid- December 2016 from my paid premium member.

In the future, yes, I shall do that but that takes a lot of coordination and work. As for now, I can provide the full report for you. That should serve as proof and evidence to show that you've attended my online training. You can use my report and write in to your professional bodies to claim CPD/CPE points. So far as of 20 Jan 2017, I got feedback from my online audience that MAICSA, MIA and CPA Australia are OK with online training so long as report and documentation of attendance are all in order.

Honestly speaking, I am very tied up and busy developing quality contents, infographics, templates, tools etc for my paid members.

The accreditation of CPD/CPE will be 2nd quarter of 2017, or next year 2018, when I am more free to go thru the tedious process ya ?

Hope you understand, I have to prioritize the immediate needs of my paid members at this moment.

I have never heard of EvannaMiss8 and OMG, you have such a thick face, you call yourself the Goddess of Online Business Edutainer. I never come across you in any business media. Who the HELL are you ?

EvannaMiss8's response:

I fully agree with your reaction ... Feel free to Click below link to find out more about EvannaMiss8


Who the HELL is EvannaMiss8

Can you help me to talk to my professional body so that they recognize your online training for CPE / CPD credit hours for year 2017 and beyond ?

EvannaMiss8's response:

If you are from other professional bodies, do write in to the respective training department to find out what you can do to be entitled for CPD / CPE credit hours.

I am not speaking on behalf of any professional body, I am just informing you that my system to be able to furnish you with supporting documents you need as evidence for CPE / CPD credit hours.

I am CPE / CPD friendly, not CPE / CPD guarantee ya ? Whether or not it is acceptable to your professional body will be out of my control ...

But sure, I am happy to help you get approval from your professional body if you follow the below steps

Step #1: You will need to personally write in to your respective professional body to seek their advice. Click here for sample email template

Step #2: Once you got a response from them, forward the email to me at foundermethod@gmail.com . If the approval process can be done via email, that's the best as I can furnish you with reports or attachments etc . Now is digital era liao, no need to meet also can settle a lot of things ...

Step #3:. If you die die also want me to meet them, I need your help to find out the name, email and direct contact number of the person in charge for CPE / CPD compliance audit Best if it's directly with the decision makers, to avoid "message" being passed around from one person to another and truncated.

I never want to attend any face to face meetings, I am very tied up and busy with my work as producer now. Even if I have the time, I am super lazy to step out of my comfortable yoga mat & yoga retreats.

However, I can do it for you if you manage to coordinate all the relevant stake holders properly at your side for a productive meeting. Productive means there will be significant outcome after the meeting for things to progress forward. If it's a meeting of data gathering or exploration type discussion, I won't meet face to face because I can always supply all required data via email or online meeting ya ? ...

If it's going to be a productive meeting, then yes, I am glad to arrange a face to face meet up with them as and when needed ...

So sorry that these are my requirements ... I am a Zen-Minimalist ...

  • I only do things I love
  • I only do things that I need

As of now, I love to be an online edutainer. I need to create better training contents for my paid members.

Other than the above two, I will really need your help to make it happen ya ?

Not that I am "ba ba bai bai" (in Cantonese, it means arrogant).

xie xie very much for understanding that EvannaMiss8 is just a solo one leg kick producer & edutainer.

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