Chinese Classical Dancing “Round” to Business “Roundness”

From “Roundness” of Chinese Classical Dance to “Roundness” of Business, Work & Life

My dream is to be able to dance gracefully in chinese classical dance. In Year 2014 , I start to explore techniques to self learning any new dance within 20 hours … I am really glad that I made this decision because dancing is one branch of the arts that uses my body as a performance medium. I loved dancing a lot

Chinese Classical Dance is different from Ballet. The movements of Chinese Classical Dance is “Round” where Ballet is “Straight Line”. From Dancing, I slowly start to learn of how it is apply my dancing “roundness” to business “roundness”  … And Suddenly, I became Very LUCKY in a lot of things … Let me share with you how I feel & you can see whether it make sense or not :p

This is my 2nd self learn dance that I successfully to complete on January 2014 after 28 hours of practising by my own  … It’s my Chinese New Year 2014 Dance to share here with you … hehehe …  :p

I always hear people say “it is not fair”, “this is not fair”, “my company didn’t treat me fairly”, “my boss didn’t treat me fairly”, “I got NO LUCK” … Well, I say that a lot myself in the past … As part of me is English Educated, the Western style is always about evidence, proof, right and wrong, like Ballet it’s STRAIGHT line. But in Chinese world, everything that’s right will have some “wrong” element, everything that is “fair” has “unfair” element in it … it’s not Straight-forward …

Movements of Chinese Classical Dance is “Round”

Before I learn dancing, I get very frustrated when things are not “fair”, but after learning dancing, I notice that “fair = unfair”, it’s natural way of being … I have since learn how see things in a round way, I have learnt to be more 圆通 … and it helped in explaining how luck has always find its way to me “so far” in my business … I hope to share a bit with you and hope that in this chinese new year, you’ll be lucky in all your business  …

If you noticed in my dance in the youtube video, the movements of classical Chinese dance are “round” or 圆 in nature. As Chinese always like things that are round … I linked it to my experience in my business & working life … I must cut off my edgy and standard corner and be round … round is 圆通,many people mistaken the round to be cunning 圆滑 , the round that I am referring to is not cunning 圆滑 … 

example when I am communicating with a chinese businessman, words used must be more conservative, more giving other people credit … for example, saying “no lar, I  am just lucky” or “I thank Ms A , Mr B for helping me, without them, I can’t close this sale. “.. but when I am dealing with foreigners or English educated people, I will say, “yes, I did this, I did that … I am awesome, I am great, I know XYZ, ABC … bla bla bla … ” 

Shen Yun Performing Arts – the best chinese dance company in the world

this is what I call round 圆通. It is not that I am lying or pretending but we must know what to say at the right time to the right people depending on the right occasion … Sometime, I enjoy instructing, leading & bossing people around (because the situation needs me to be the aggressive driver to get the job done), sometimes I enjoy being a follower and be a substitute to my partners (because the situation allows me just chill and to be a passive follower) … be  round 圆通 means to be accommodating, flexible & not rigid … 

Your boss or teachers might teach you that you need to uphold your integrity and honest but you don’t need to apply honesty to everyone … you apply integrity & honesty to people who has integrity & honesty; when you meet someone that is untrustworthy & corrupt, you really don’t need to treat them with integrity …

If you watch in my dancing video, one thing to notice is that in order to move to the right side , I must first sway to the left side and sweep myself to the right … In order to lift up, I must first bow … This is an interesting observation while dancing … For Chinese Business Owners, the more humble they are, they more successful they are … So, during chinese new year, when we attend some chinese business owner networking events, the one that boost a lot about himself or herself are normally those that are not so successful. The ones that are smiling quietly and look passive are the ones who are highly successful. 

If you are working in English Educated environment or Multinational Company,  this might not be a good attitude to project yourself. If you are good, you must say you are great ! if you are great, you must project that you are the greatest ! So you see, we apply “roundness” and “flexibility” in different environment, the same person can react differently … and I must say it’s not because he or she is pretending, it is because he or she understands the concept of “roundness” … 

Ancient Chinese Coins – “round” outside, “square” inside

Finally, however round you are, you should have certain principles (square). Principles are things that you will not change no matter what. That is why Chinese old currency looks like the picture I attached here. Like this Ancient Chinese Coin, Learn how to be “Round with principles … ”

Dancing and Business, they are not the same, yet I find them to be so similar in so many ways … In order to taste the rewards, we must first go through the hardship … this is the process of anything we do …

The Two Important Elements you’ll notice in my dancing are:-

  1. Roundness in movements
  2. In order to get to my Intended Direction nicely, the body must first move to the Opposite Direction (and the movements are so dynamic … )

And I am happy to share with you a bit of what I’ve know through learning & experiencing the MOVEMENTS of Chinese Classical Dance … The Art of Roundness is something that we must take a lifetime to learn, apply and appreciate it … Be Lucky & Happy Chinese New Year 2014 to all of you !

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  • AdrianT

    Reply Reply January 29, 2014

    Hi Evanna, great sharing by linking business and dancing together !
    Wish everyone also with more luck in 2014 !!
    加油 !加油 !

    • Evanna Phoon

      Reply Reply January 29, 2014

      appreciate your comment … yes, more luck in year 2014 !!! u too jia you jia you

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