Master Class #220: Dato’ Andy Low: Entrepreneurship Journey From SoFa Bed Sleeper to the Emperor of Legal Palace

Master Trainer: Dato’ Andy Low (Founder of Low & Partners)

When Andy first started his business before his age of 21, he used to sleep in a two seater SOFA Bed in his tiny office room for a few years to save rental.

After years of hard work, together with his team, he builds the coolest law office – a.k.a “ The Legal Palace”, the first law firm in Malaysia which has google slide and putting green.

As an entrepreneur, he also owns other businesses:
* Legal Palace (HQ in Damansara and soon Expanding to Penang and Johor)
* Largest Home Tuition Agency in Singapore and Malaysia
* Property Investment & Management Company
* IT Business
* Retail Services* Got some more as he continues to expand ...

Facebook Page to Follow Dato' Andy Low is

Agenda & Flow
Total: 120 mins

5 mins sound check & introduction
65 mins Entrepreneurship journey from Zero to Hero

* How did he start these businesses with “0” capital?
* Challenges Faced in various phases of his Business (start up phase, growth phase, diversification phase etc)
* How were these Challenges overcome?
* What’s the future plan and strategies for sustainable business growth?

30 mins Dato' Andy will also teach you about Conflict Management and Resolution
20 mins Q&A from live audience

Entrepreneurship Journey From SoFa Bed Sleeper to the Emperor of Legal Palace. In this Online Master Class, you will also learn about Conflict Management and Resolution

Dato’ Andy Low Hann Yong is a practising advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. He holds a degree in the Bachelor of Laws (Honour) from the University of Malaya. He is also the founder and managing partner of Low & Partners, a medium-size law firm where the HQ is located in Damansara.
Low & Partner’s main areas of practice include conveyancing, family law & divorce, will & estate administration, dispute resolution and corporate advisory serving the panel law firm of leading financial institutions, property developers, multinational companies and SMEs in Malaysia.
Various talks pertaining to the subject matter has been conducted throughout Dato Andy’s legal practice. His audience ranges from company directors, CEOs, professional financial planners, bankers, real estate negotiators, property Investors, to lay man without any legal backgrounds. He appears regularly in TV’s forums, newspapers, magazines & radios for his legal opinions over various subject matters.

Brief info:
* Year of establishment for Low & Partners: 2009.
* Family Law Committee member of the Bar Council for the term of 2012/2013.
* Listed in Malaysia: Who’s who constitution government & politics of 2013/2014’s edition.
* Innovation & Future of Law Committee member of the Bar Council for the term of 2015/2016.
* MAICA Affiliate

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    Reply Reply October 19, 2016

    Wow thanks andy low for the awesome sharing for this webinar
    Very interesting and eye opening mindset

    Can’t wait for ur seminar

    Is there any fb page we can follow u ?

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