Module 3: The Art of Laziness

I noticed that when reach a certain level, most of business owner’s effort & time is spending on dealing with their People, example

  1. Motivating their Staffs to grow their business for them
  2. Building Company Culture for their staffs hoping that their staffs shares the same mindset as them
  3. Thinking about Talent Retention & Management & Succession so that business continues smoothly

all these are fantastic, is just that it takes up a lot of ENERGY & TIME …

So, instead of choosing to deal with people, I choose to channel my focus on developing a rare skill on system and processes. As for execution & people, I turn to ODESK to source for the best people to work for me (around the world) … after many months of trial & error,  I have master the skill of sourcing the best talents around the world … 😀

The people element is consciously eliminated in my daily working life. It is such a great relieve to work with talented and experts that you only manage their work … no need 1:1 consultation, no need to deal with conflict among staffs at work, no need to vomit blood when a staff that you train so hard leaves the company, no need company trips, no need to remember when is the staffs birthday, etc etc …

Just GET THE JOB DONE for Evanna ! full stop … move on … 

I just Focus on developing systems and outsourcing skill 😀 … I mastered the skill of virtual outsourcing and I am so willing to share with you all here …

Links mentioned in the video

Teaching you how I setup systems that allows my business to bother me the less

Pre-Launching of My latest Digital Course

You wanna learn how to be Lazy like me ? Come meet me in person


Sample Templates Use to message outsource

OK, I granted access to
1. Google Spreadsheet
2. Google Docs

Please watch youtube video before you start
[link of your youtube instruction video]

After watching youtube video and Before you really start, please reply “YES, I fully understand Task 1, 2 and 3” or post any questions if you don’t understand

The video is meant for my PA , his name is YuHan but he has exam, so, I pass the job to you ….

thank you ya

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