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MasterClass by Ms. Mayuri Nanjappan



Thursday, August 6
10 - 11 AM Malaysia Time

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It is common for someone to eagerly share their idea with another person to obtain assurance that the idea is a good one. Sometimes, the idea could lead to the start of a successful business. However, disclosure of an invention or a design could render the patent protection or design protection invalid as novelty is a criteria for both intellectual property right protection. Disclosure could then be the cause of failure of a potentially successful business. In this webinar, we will advise you on when to disclose and what to disclose.


  • 1

    Why you should NOT publicly disclose your invention or new design before seeking protection for it

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    What to disclose when disclosure is necessary

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Speaker: Mayuri Nanjappan

Manager of Patent Division, Kass International Sdn. Bhd.

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Speaker Profile: Mayuri Nanjappan

With 13 years of experience in IP, Mayuri specializes in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the fields of chemical and mechanical engineering, material science and lithium ion batteries. A graduate with a B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Mayuri joined KASS in 2002, after which she was awarded a full scholarship to pursue her Masters in Material Science and Engineering at Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Upon completion of her Masters, she returned to KASS and has since been involved in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the areas of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, oil and gas engineering and waste water engineering, to name a few. She currently manages the patent division, helping to implement and monitor the systems and procedures required to ensure the team’s smooth operations. She is a member of the Malaysian Board of Engineers and the Malaysian Institute of Engineers. Mayuri is a certified IP valuer, having successfully completed the IP valuation course with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) in 2013, and has conducted numerous patent workshops and seminars locally.

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