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Empress Wu Education Series Episode #5 of #40

Miss.8 completed 3 dances on Empress Wu

Watch Empress Wu Video Replay #5 of #40 Here

Webinar #5 Replay is about:

  • Mystery death of Empress Wu's baby daughter
  • How did Empress Wu use the opportunity of the death of her baby daughter to her own gain in power ?
  • External & Internal Factor that caused Emperor Li Zhi to JV with Empress Wu
  • The Art of Manipulation by Empress Wu's

Presentation, Worksheet & Checklist

Miss.8 has a new challenging homework for herself - to package all her Empress Wu dances and teach the world how to dance Chinese Classical Dance in Udemy

She will resume hosting Empress Wu Education Series once she had completed her dance homework on June 2015


Life Stories of Empress Wu & Learn from her stories (Leadership, Management, Influence, Soft Skills, Tactics, Strategies, Mindset & Life)

Empress Wu ZeTian

The One and Only Female Emperor in China

Speaker: Miss.8

A girl who simply loves to bury herself to research on Chinese classical history

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