EvannaMiss8 chose to live a private, reclusive & seclusive life

EvannaMiss8, Producer & Edutainer of CPE / CPD Friendly Online Training for Professionals & Company Directors

EvannaMiss8 is the Best Online Edutainer, Host & Producer of CPE / CPD friendly online training for professionals and company directors. She started www.FounderMethod.com three years ago. She host online training with successful entrepreneurs and proven business experts on a regular basis, combining Education and Entertainment. After years of hard work, she have accumulated the largest online following of Malaysia’s entrepreneur & business.

Though she has outstanding natural beauty, talent & business (mind). She prefer to live an extremely reclusive, seclusive & private life offline… Minimalist Zen Lifestyle ...

To her, LESS is actually MORE

Starting from year 2013, EvannaMiss8 shunned all the trappings of corporate & business life, refusing to appear in business luncheons, declining all offline speaking requests and avoiding business networking and commercial related ceremonies…

EvannaMiss8 has
* the programming brains & skills of Mark Zuckerberg
* posses good luck attracting energy of Jack Ma
* leads a plain & simple life of Li Ka-Shing
* practice Zen & Meditation of Steve Jobs
* and the beautiful physic of a Victoria Secret Supermodel

She is here to help you gain the most out from her online training

She calls herself "The Laziest Girl in Malaysia" as she :-

* Do Not Wish to Get Involve In Any Business Activities That Requires Her Physical Presence
* Do Not Wish to Appear & Speak in Offline Physical Events
* Do Not Wish to Attend Business Networking Functions or Commercial Related Face-to-Face Meet Up Events

In summary, EvannaMiss8 do not wish to engage in any form of OFFLINE business & commercial activities, she only limits her scope of collaboration to ONLINE.

If you are interested to collaborate with her, you may contact her at

* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EvannaMiss8
* Email: foundermethod@gmail.com

* WeChat: EvannaMiss8

Online Courses Produced by EvannaMiss8

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Minimalist ZEN lifestyle

Things That I Do

  • Any Business Collaboration & Ideas That Adds Value to FounderMethod Online Community
  • I am Open to Collaborate with Proven Experts to Develop Online Training Courses
  • I Prefer to Discuss Business via Online Meeting

Things That I Do Not Do

  • I am Lazy & Do Not Wish to Get Involve In Any Business Activities That Requires My Physical Presence
  • I am Lazy & Do Not Wish to Appear & Speak in Physical Events
  • I am Lazy & Do Not Wish to Attend Business Networking Functions or Commercial Related Meet Up Events

FounderMethod 创办人

八姑娘 EvannaMiss8 是一位具有才华美貌生意头脑集于一身的网络课堂主播兼制作人

虽然拥有魅力,才花美貌出众,但时她非常自闭 。她生性孤僻,喜欢静寂无为的生活。喜欢一个人隐居和远离世俗,逍遥自在, 过着极其简单的禅意生活方式...... 。

八姑娘 EvannaMiss8自称是“在马来西亚是最懒的·女孩”。她是一位只会上流,谢绝下流的小女人。她很乐意与人在网上交流 (上流),但是她很懒惰线下交流(下流)

她不应酬交际开会,不出来与人吃饭喝茶,不出席商业活动 ,她谢绝一切有关金钱利益权势性质的线下交流。



* WeChatID 微信号:EvannaMiss8
* Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/EvannaMiss8

About 八姑娘 EvannaMiss8


My strengths are creativity & blur luck. I create something beautiful from nothing, I also have this luck to somehow attract wonderful things and people towards me. It's a natural unique characteristic within me.

I accidentally owned the largest webinar digital community for Malaysia Entrepreneur & Business Owner called FounderMethod. I host regular FREE online trainings with proven experts and successful entrepreneurs for anyone who wishes to learn about Doing Business in Malaysia.

I am in the Industry Advisory Board (Business) of Inti International University & Board of Governors (Education) of Women Institute of Management. Also the columnist of various business magazines in Malaysia

I also a Japanese Ikebana Flower Artist, a Chinese Tea Artist, a Chinese Classical Dancer & Chinese History & Philosophy Researcher. My artist name is Miss.8 (Miss Dot 8 or "Ba Gu Niang")

I am well known for my laziness. I am the laziest girl in Malaysia & too lazy to attend any physical meetings, conference, networking events ... You rarely see me in person because I am too lazy to come out to meet people. So, I collaborated with SMECorp-RISE, Quest Group, MasteryAsia, they run physical events for my community...

However, I do welcome collaboration from any parties, I do not restrict myself to collaborate with anyone ... as long as what you are offering is beneficial to Malaysia entrepreneur & business community, I am happy to collaborate with you ...

EvannaMiss8 Enjoys a Zen Lifestyle.
Minimalist, healthy, organic food lover

EvannaMiss8 Pursuit of Self Cultivation

I am not interested in chasing after material goods, fame or fortune. I spend most of my time on things that matters to me the most, such as beauty, philosophies , art and culture ...

Playground #1: Chinese Classical Dance

I have a dream ... My dream is to share the beauty of Chinese Classical Dance ... Through the dance movements, subtle values of chinese culture is expressed

Click Here to View all dances https://foundermethod.com/play/chinese-classical-dance/

Playground #2: Ikebana Flower Arrangement

I have a dream ... My dream is to share the beauty of Ikebana Flower Arrangement ... Through appreciating the beauty and simplicity of flowers, we bring nature close to our hearts and lives

Click Here to View all arrangement at https://foundermethod.com/play/ikebana

Playground #3: Traditional Tea Culture

I have a dream ... My dream is to share the beauty of Tea Art and Culture ... And through the practice of brewing and serving tea, how do we apply some good values in life & business

Click Here to View all Tea culture and art https://foundermethod.com/play/tea-culture

Playground #4: Chinese Classical Books

I have a dream ... My dream is to share all the knowledge & wisdom I learnt from reading Yi Jing (易经), Lun Yu (论语), Dao De Jing (道德经), 3 Kingdoms (三国演义) and many classical chinese history. I am planning a long series of FREE sharing here ... My sharing will be in English

Click Here to View all https://foundermethod.com/play/classical-books

I have failed and did many mistakes previously ... If I could turn back time, the only thing I would do differently is choosing to Read & Understand more on Chinese Classical Books ... A person's mindset will determine it's action and course ... Here is Why I want to start a Play section in FounderMethod ... 

I was fully Chinese educated under Kuen Cheng Girls' High School. Since primary until secondary, I was TOP student of the entire form. Compared to my classmates, I did not put in as much time in studying "consistently" ... I spent most of my time in sports activities, play and a lot of sleeping during class ... until a point where the teacher station one person just to make sure that I am not cheating in exam ... How come the laziest girl in class is able to be a TOP student ? I was NOT cheating, I am just simply very good at decoding the school's marking system and just study 3 days before exam & able to score marks not lesser than 95% ... So that my family and teachers can stop nagging at my laziness & leave me alone to PLAY and SLEEP in the class ...

I was a very horrible students (in terms of attitude) ... & now, I regretted showing off my lousy attitude ...

FounderMethod is heavily advocating PLAY among entrepreneurs and business owners

I was happy in my world of PLAY, creativity, music & arts ... I was the President of Interact Club, State Basket Ball Player, I acted in Dramas, Singing & represented Yamaha Music Central Region to their annual Electone Festival Competition when I was 13 performing to lives audiences.

Then reality kicks in as I grew older. When I got my SPM result, I was the TOP scorer and teacher asked us what we wanted to do (what's our future JOB). My classmates were saying lawyer, doctor, accountant ... When it was my turn, my heart says I want to be an "Archaeologist majoring in Chinese History" but my mouth said "Electronic Engineer" ... I chose a path based on what my family, teachers & society expects from me ...

I studied as an Electronic Engineer with full scholarship for my tertiary education and worked "proudly" as an engineering with Motorola, Freescale, Intel & Western Digital ... Then I quit and tried other small things here and there ... After years of suppressing my naturally self, I was like a clueless butterfly banging my head around ... haha !!! Then I accidentally owned FounderMethod ...

The easiest way to increase your productivity is PLAY ... PLAY can help you coordinate Neocortex, Limbic and Reptilian Brain ... So, GO PLAY !


I got back to re-discover myself again ... I got back to community service ... I got back to slowly realising my dream of being able to re-connect back with the "archeologist" me ... I also got back into Playing so that my brain is able to "activate" like the teenager Evanna ...

Inside our brain, we have 3 sub-brains:

Neocortex - Rational Thinking Brain: that's how I got my top score and engineering degree

Limbic - Emotional and Feeling Brain : that's what make us laugh and cry

Reptilian - Instinctual  Brain or Lizard Brain

Please DO NOT suppress any parts of this brain of yours, every part of it forms YOU ... Instead, learn how to make it more productive and efficient for YOUR own benefit ...

I have read many Research, statistics, numbers, white papers and millions of article in how to boost work and business productivity .... It's so complicated and after reading, I am even not sure don't know how to apply immediately and see results ... Forget about those ...

Then I discover one thing that I could share  .. Easy, Simple and Anyone can Do Immediately to See Immediate Results ... The Answer is Go PLAY ... Anyone can do it at Anytime, Anywhere ... 

To achieve maximum productivity and efficiency at Work and Business, at different situation and timing, we need to use different parts of the brain ... How the hell do we do that ? How the hell do we know what to say or do ? One of the most direct method I discover is PLAY ... with PLAY, you can naturally self-express, "play-out" all your feelings and therapeutically "sharpens" your brain coordination ...

I read Chapter 33 of Dao De Jing Lao Tzu, it says


You are very good at understanding about other people or thing, that's intelligence;

You are very good at understanding about yourself, that is true wisdom ...


You have the ability to win other people, that's strength;

You have the ability to win yourself, that's true power

It is only with PLAY, you are able to self-discover your own unique ways to understand yourself and win yourself ... then you are with TRUE wisdom and TRUE power ... A power that is not influenced by external factors but a power that you have within yourself ... the power comes very naturally and I am neither proud or happy with the power ... it just come naturally when you are true to yourself ... The power given is to help mankind be a better place & not too much for personal interest

In this section, I hope to share how I PLAY  ... I also hope to share the beauty of Classical & Traditional Cultures ... and how it applies to life & business ... (though I don't know anything about doing business, I will try my BESTest to share whatever I learn)

Dreaming to be The Laziest and Most Playful Girl in Malaysia, 

EvannaMiss8 of FounderMethod