EvannaMiss.8 Chinese Classical Dance

Chinese Classical Dance or 中国古典舞 focus on
Form, Bearing, Techniques and Concept of Dao in Movements


2014, I made a new year resolution that I will self-learn ONE new Chinese classical dance every month … I do not have any background in classical dancing but since this is my childhood dream , I just “kasi hantam” after delaying until I am at this very old age of 34 years old … even no teacher … i learn how to dances from youtube & youku… haha !!!

Here is my compilation of dances. I do not perform in any physical events… nor do I teach …

I just simply enjoy dancing alone , in front of camera & purely for self-cultivation and realizing my childhood dream … Hope to share with you this beautiful art form with you …

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Below are compilation of all self taught dances by EvannaMiss8