Hangzhou Trip - Day #01

Day #1: Hangzhou City

Theme of the Day: Settling Down & Get Mentally Prepare for Great Trip

Time Agenda Estimated Cost
Morning Travel from Malaysia To Hangzhou
Take Bus from Airport of Hangzhou City (Wu Ling Men - 武林小广场站) RMB 20
Take Bus from Wu Ling Men to Hotel RMB 1
Buy 3 L of Water (农夫山泉) RMB 2/500ml
6:00 PM Check In Hotel
Take Bus from Hotel to West Lake RMB 1
Ta pao Food from Bus Stop to Simply Eat RMB 20
8:00 PM Tour West Lake at Night with Leisure Boat RMB 35
10:00 PM Take Bus Back to Hotel
10:30 PM Zzzzz
Others 西湖醋鱼 - 樓外樓

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