Master Class #7-Chan Kee Siak: Running a Subscription Based Business

Chan Kee Siak founded Exabytes Network or earlier known as in 2001. Just a small town boy from a hawker family, Chan had always had an entrepreneurial frame of mind from as early as the tender age of nineteen. Therefore, while most teenagers his age spent their young adulthood playing War Craft, Quake 3 Arena or other computer games, Chan was already busy establishing his own business in the technology industry – selling PCs and cracking his head for more web designing ideas, while trying to keep up with his studies.

However, doubts of enduring this part-time business surfaced when he realized that the business he was running at that time was not very promising with many limitations. A successful business in Chan’s mind was a business that could serve multiple clients at any given time, globally, with high margins and recurring income – all of which he was not getting from his initial business. Naturally, webhosting came to mind which he noticed, fit all of the criteria he was looking for. And the best thing is, there was only a handful of webhosting provider in Malaysia then! The business became even more appealing once he studied more in-depth about webhosting industry and got himself awestruck at the power of web and the possibilities that could arise from it. Chan started up by reselling for other web hosting company and today Exabytes Network is the largest web hosting company in Malaysia with its own servers and 60,000+ clients from over 121 countries.

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