Book Title: “Guide to Finance & Accounting for Biz Owners & Sales Person”

Project Book Writing Starting NOW until 25 November. Book Title: “Guide to Finance & Accounting for Biz Owners & Sales Person”

I am writing a book called Title: “Guide to Finance & Accounting for Biz Owners & Sales Person” from now until 25 November 2014. 29 Inti Accounting & Finance students will be helping this time.

Hardcopy format: it’ll be published as a book & The chapters of the book will have write ups & infographics (easy to understand)

Digital format: it’ll be available to foundermethod premium members.  The digital format will have youtube tutorial video, write ups & infographics (easy to understand)

The main purpose of the book is to Make it Easy for Business Owners & Sales Person to Learn about Finance & Accounting so that they can ACT SMARTER when doing Business & Sales …

Before I seriously start anything, I wish to hear directly from you

* what are your top concerns on finance & accounting that I can put in the book to help you Act Smarter as a Business Owner or Sales Person ?

View this video if you are lazy to read 😀 .. Thanks in advance for helping FounderMethod and Malaysia’s Business Community


Main Chapters
Chapter #
Sub Chapters
Main Purpose: Make It Easy to Learn about Finance & Accounting so that Business Owners & Sales Person can ACT Smarter when Doing Business & Sales
Important Accounting & Finance
Basics to Understand in Business
1.1 6 Ms of Business & What to Sell ?
1.1.1 Money
1.1.2 Material
1.1.3 Manhours
1.1.4 Machine
1.1.5 Management
1.1.6 Marketing
1.1.7 How to Sell Product
1.1.8 How to Sell Service
1.3 Cost Types
1.3.1 Fixed Cost
1.3.2 Variable Cost
1.3.3 Depreciation: Straight Line Depreciation
1.3.4 Armotization: Understanding Amortization in P&L
1.4 Understanding on What Your Customer Wants
1.4.1 Increase Market Share
1.4.1 Reduce Cost
1.4.2 Increase Revenue
1.5 Financial & Performance Reporting
1.5.1 Overview on Financial & Performance Reporting
1.5.2 What is Profitability
1.5.3 Revenue Streams in Net income statement
1.5.4 Net Income Pipeline & the Sales Revenue Flow
1.5.5 Net Income Profit Loss Statement
Important Records to Keep
Track in Business
2.1 Sales
2.2 Gross Profit
2.3 Operating Profit
2.4 Net Profit After Tax
2.5 Equity
2.6 Borrowings
2.7 Gearing Ratio
2.8 Stocks & Stock Turnover (days)
2.9 Debtors & Debtor Turnover (days)
Important Financial Elements
to Highlight in Business Plans
3.1 Revenue
3.2 Gross Profit
3.3 Net Profit after Tax
3.4 Return on Equity
3.5 Net Operating Cash Flow
3.6 Gearing
Sales & Revenue Analysis 4
4.1 Revenue by Product
4.2 Revenue by Region
4.3 Revenue by Customer Segments
4.4 Revenue by Age Range
4.5 Revenue by Gender
Designing Your
Marketing & Promotion Plan
5 Example of Marketing & Promotion Plan
Important Financial History
to Review in Business
6.1 Assumptions
6.2 Profit & Loss Account (Income Statement)
6.3 Cashflow Statement
6.4 Balance Sheet
Important Financial Ratios
& Indicator in Business
7.1 Variance analysis
7.2 Trend analysis
7.3 Break-Even or Loss Analysis
7.4 Productivity analysis
7.5 Ratio analysis
7.6 P & L Ratio
7.7 Balance Sheet Ratios
7.8 Profitability Ratio
Important Accounting & Finance
Terms Use to Close More Sales ?
8.1 Calculate the Break-Even Point of a Purchase (using volume)
8.2 Calculating the ROI (Return of Investment)
8.3 Price versus Total Cost of Ownership
8.4 Sales Positioning Tools (BEP, TCO, ROI)
8.5 Return on Asset in Sales Tools
Important Pricing Strategies
for Business
9.1 Cost Plus Pricing
9.2 Market-Based Pricing
9.3 Premium Pricing
9.4 Penetration Pricing
9.5 Cost-based Pricing & Lost Leader
9.6 Using a Tiered Pricing Structure
9.7 Segmented Market Pricing
9.8 Value-Based Pricing
Clarifying Terms for
Investment Returns
10.1 Return on Capital (ROC)
10.2 Return on Investment (ROI)
10.3 Opportunity Cost ROI
10.4 Rate of Borrowing (ROB)
10.5 Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
10.7 Return on Assets (ROA)
Example of Real Life application
Template & Sample Insert PowerPlan (76 pages)

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