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I feel that everyone (especially women) should engage themselves with fresh flowers …. You can put a small flower at your office, your meeting room, buy yourself flowers, buy your girlfriends flowers etc … I have a special love for Ikebana Flower Arrangement …  There is an international floral festival @ Putrajaya from 14 – 22 June and there’s a booth for Ikebana Flower Arrangment, do drop by the booth… CLick Here to find out more about

  • If @ 1st glance of looking @ Western Flower Arrangement and love it, then you might belong to “accumulative & abundance ” type
  • If @ 1st glance of looking @ Ikebaa Flower Arrangement and love it, then you might belong to  “elimination & minimalist” type

I feel extremely lucky to be able to arrange ikebana flowers every week. my hands r filled with nice fragrance & my hearts is moist with beautiful thoughts

I am lucky to have found teacher to learn & practive Ikebana Flower Arrangements 1 year ago … I notice a huge shift within me as from practicing Ikebana, I learnt more about myself. I am surrounded by powerful ladies, successful lady entrepreneurs … They are people person, aggressive, hard, assertive, commanding, negotiation & convincing power is top of the league … they are either top lady entrepreneurs or top female management … always busy, always attending meetings, always meeting people … always networking … always attending some kind of dinner …. somewhat protective and safe guarding their achievements, status, authority … always conscious that they need to climb higher and achieve more things everyday … always leading, appearing in the front of crowds, paper,  magazines … always receiving awards on stage …

And I thought that by putting in more effort and time to be like them, I’ll also be successful … But after practicing Ikebana, I realised that I am not a people person, I can’t be aggressive, hard or assertive, my negotiation & convincing power is very lousy as I am very “cin-cai” anything also ok type … I am also very lazy, don’t like to sit in meetings , I feel nervous when meeting people face-to-face & I feel very headache to engage in business networking session … i don’t enjoy being tough and always climbing to achieve more things … I am always looking for ways to eliminate credits given to me & always passed all those credits to students, business associates or anyone that has helped me … … i don’t like to accumulate credits, status or achievements …. I used to be very nervous and looking for ways to change my lazy & “cin-cai” self so that I can be as successful as my fellow lady peers …i enjoy staying at the backend and doing the backroom not-so-glamourous stuffs … I am currently the Board Of Governors of Women Institute of Management (Taman Tun) for Education and I am fortunate to have serve in this board as there are many successful & interesting women (Tan Sri Napsiah Omar, Dato Nellie Tan-Wong, Datin Paulene Tunku Mu’tamir, Dr Sharon Tong, Dr Rokiah etc) … I’ve learn a lot from them and each one of them are very special and unique in their own way

Can u feel my flowers dancing ? my 7th dance is pipa fan dance & my ikebana flower arrangement reflects where my heart is – freely dancing my 7th Chinese classical

To my surprise, after practicing ikebana, I notice that this type of activity helps me to learn how to follow my heart & just be my natural self… don’t feel the need to compare with others …

  • Instead of spending time meeting potential business partners, I just wait for only really interested business people to propose their plans and somehow, they’ll hunt me down/chase after me for meetings … the time saved to meet potentials and prospects is used to practice my flowers arrangements and dancing
  • Instead of spending time convincing that my service & products are great, I just let the value of the product speaks by it selves … the time saved on convincing people about my value is used to practice my flowers arrangements and dancing
  • Instead of spending time networking, I strategize & implement online social media marketing and learn to leverage on technology to increase my reach … the time saved in physical networking & dinner stuffs is used to practice my flowers arrangements and dancing

Many many friends and business associates say that I am losing out big time by approaching the tough business world in such a lazy manner … Well, I am an accidental entrepreneur to begin with, so it doesn’t really matter if I am not successful in business … I happen to accidentally own the largest webinar platform for Malaysia Entrepreneurs at them moment (even if I am just a housewife that know nothing about business) … I feel very lucky so long as my online business community gets a lot of value from “taking advantage” of my platforms … What a stupid housewife mentality… hahaha !

I am not a people person, my friends say that I am easily taken advantage due to my lazy & “cin-cai” nature … However, Ikebana Flower Arrangement helped to find inner strength to acknowledge all my weakness & accept it … I am too lazy to change, too lazy to toughen myself up … I enjoy being a softie … 🙂

For my potential business collaborators, I notice that they must meet 3 criterias before I really spend the time , energy and resource to work with them:-

  1. Trust In Me
  2. Believe in Me
  3. Freely allow me to perform what I am task to do

Anything less than these 3 will be a waste of each other’s time … I rather “prevent” these type of people to be working with me at the very beginning than suffer during the course of partnership … if it’s an existing suffering, nature will find it’s own ways to “prevent” me from engaging further with these type of people … 🙂 .. because I’ll make myself look so hopeless & lazy that these people won’t even want to get close to me by themselves

If not, it’s be wasting each other time to meet “regularly”, discuss, generate reports, reporting results, convincing why I did this and did that … I am just too lazy to convince people about my actions & justify my intentions, I won’t spend my time, energy and resource to proof my value to our collaboration … This is the lazy me, the “cin-cai” me … 🙂 hahaha …

My friends say, ” Har, like that who want to work with you, Evanna ?” … however, I feel that this is my nature, and as I feel very in-tune with my natural self & just apply it to my work & life, and I am amazed that even greater opportunities just landed to me  … and I am always very lucky to have sweet things happening to me without me needing to change my natural self .. Many many wonderful things that are out of my expectation happened when I follow my natural self … I don’t think in this life, I will be super successful by adopting this type of ultra-selective filtering standards,  but i feel it is crucially important to listen to my heart, realize my childhood dreams (that has been postpone for 34 years) while at the same time, if can achieve some little success at work, I am very happy and contented …

As for my existing business collaborators that worked with me, we often have unspokenly deep mutual understanding that we’ll look out for each other & Evanna is always doing her best & thinking of the best interest of the business collaboration to work well … We don’t need to spend time explaining if our understanding has reached this level …  the time saved on putting effort to build trust in our biz relationship is used to practice my flowers arrangements and dancing … 

Western flower arrangement by my girlfriend … she loves the abundance of colours and then beauty of it

Ikebana flower arrangement has taught me how to be selectively learning and choosing my approach … For example, I am very lucky to have friends who are successful speaker, networker & entrepreneurs … I can:-

(1) learn and pick up their skills and I myself start to actively attend many business networking or speaking events or

(2) leverage on their passion in networking & speaking while I myself remain at the background & focus on designing & quietly enhancing our business system ….

Since my direction & life goals are to be able to be a beautiful dancer, a nerdy Chinese history archaeologist wannabe & travelling alone collecting exciting personal experiences, then I clearly chose option (2) … I consciously choose to ignore learning how to improve my PR skills & mannerism and I consciously choose to be happily be @ the background supporting entrepreneurs … The time saved to pick up the PR, speaking & networking skill (which I will never use since I don’t engage in physical business activities), then I can use to practice my flower arrangements & dancing :p

I specially love Ikebana Flower arrangement because I am able to take time to eliminate all kinds of abundance to highlight the unique forms, style & individualism of the plant … that the curves of the branches are enhanced, the surface of green leaves are looking gracefully at the branches and the little flower is cutely cuddling the branch … most people love the beauty of abundance while not everyone are able to appreciate such bare & minimalism arrangement … it requires “highly SELECTIVE ignorance & elimination” to create this piece … which I love most .. this is my graduation piece

Ikebana Flower Arrangement has helped me in learning how to “ELIMINATE” instead of always busy “ACCUMULATE” … after practicing Ikebana, I am always very lucky to have unconsciously & surprisingly gain the MOST with the LEAST stuffs … Well, if you nature is “accumulative & abundance ” type (Western Flower Arrangement) , then just follow your own flow and you’ll be very  successful … if your nature is “elimination & minimalist” type (Ikebana Flower Arrangement) , then just follow the natural flow and you too will be happy…

Once again, I hope you try to get closer to FLOWERS/Nature and hope through this process, you are able to find out more about what makes you comfortable …. There is an international floral festival @ Putrajaya from 14 – 22 June and there’s a booth for Ikebana Flower Arrangment, do drop by the booth… Click Here to find out more about …

This Friday @ 3pm, my girlfriend, who is a very successful entrepreneurs, CEO of ActionCoach SparkActivators, Maresa Ng will be sharing on Ways to Generate Leads & Sales within 30 days … Don’t miss the opportunity to engage directly & learn as much as you can from Maresa … Maresa & I are totally 180 degrees opposite in nature but we have been very good friends and business associate for a long time …


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