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Food & Beverage Industry:
How To Start, Operate & Be Successful in Your Own F&B Outlet
MasterClass #105 by Heng Zee Soon



Thursday, Jan 08
9  - 10:30 AM Malaysia Time

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    The 3 ways that you can own your F&B outlet

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    The Basic Fundamental about F&B – You Must Know before Starting

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Speaker: Heng Zee Soon

(F&B Expert)

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Speaker Profile: Heng Zee Soon

(Picture: Heng & Evanna Phoon at Quest Group 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner)

Heng Zee Soon is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) currently focuses his training and coaching in the area of (1) Food and Beverages Management and (2) Property investment.

He has obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management in 1993, from the University of South Alabama, USA. He started his career with Price Waterhouse Coopers Malaysia in 1994.

Later he was recruited by Tai Thong Group of Restaurant. He has served as the head of HR Department, later, the F&B Operation Manager, and was one of the key members that assisted in the listing of the company – TT Resources Berhad in year 1998.

2001, He held the position of Country - General Manager of China Division. He has led a team of 10 Malaysians together with 160 staffs in the China F&B operations.

Over the years, he has witnessed new comers in the F&B industry failed miserably and lost a lot of money. Therefore, it is his wish to help and better prepared those who love to join the industry in order to start correctly from the beginning.



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