Physically Challenged Entrepreneurs in Malaysia – FounderMethod Idol (Phase #2)

Evanna Phoon initiated the project “FounderMethod Idol” but it’ll be 100% run and executed by 70 Inti Subang Mass Communication Students

I have a dream … My dream is to do quality write up and video documentaries of Physically Challenged Entrepreneurs in Malaysia (OKU – Orang Kurang Upaya) … I name this project FounderMethod Idol.  (Click to view Phase #1 of project)

Together with 70 Inti Subang Mass Communication After I launched the project on 28 April 2014, many email subscribers helped to move this project forward … i would like to thank Datin Paduka Khatijah Sulieman, Datin Paulene Tunku Mu’tamir, KC Chong , Sui Pek Kuen, Fabian, Antony , Wong Tuck Fook, Steven and many more than prefer to remain anonymously helping me in the background …

I have promised to keep all my email subscribers updated on my progress, achievement or failure is subsidiary, the main focus is the effort and attention that all of you have put in to make my dream come true  … I really thank you from the bottom of my heart … It will be a 10-weeks intensive project from 29 April 2014 until 1 July 2014 breaking into 3 phases

(Completed) Phase #1: Research : Planning & Strategizing on who they are going to interview, how they are lauching the Promotional Campaign and Channel …

(In Progress from now until 3 June 2014) Phase #2: Content Development : Interview and Video Production

(Help Needed from 3 June – 1 July 2014) Phase #3: Promoting to major news-station, magazines, radios or online channels (Offline, Online and Broadcast)

I am so sorry that I can not release the full details to interviewee at this moment as the students are currently busy perfecting their work in Phase #2 which is interviewing and content creation of the physically challenged entrepreneurs … Profile of interviewees that the students will be promoting are as below:

  1. Deaf Entrepreneurs that bakes and sells cookies (I heard from the students that they sell their cookies to Air Asia)
  2. Entrepreneur with amputated limbs operating import and export of cars
  3. Entrepreneur of famous mini-market chain in Malaysia
  4. Entrepreneur that runs his own online marketing business
  5. Entrepreneur with Muscular Dystrophy and running his web design business
  6. Blind Entrepreneur that operates his own reflexology centre
  7. Blind Entrepreneurs that runs massage centre in Mid Valley
  8. Deaf Artist cum Entrepreneur that creates paintings and art

Evanna Phoon WILL NOT be appearing in any public or physical events related to this project except for closed door meetings with the Inti Student’s … For all media appearance exposure, it’ll be 100% channeled to benefit all OKU entrepreneurs and students that worked hard.

Help Needed from you will be in Phase #3 Phase #3 is about Public Relations and Promotions, I need your help to suggest on how to promote the students content or refer these people you know

  • magazine publisher, editor, journalist
  • Blogger , Instagrammer, Youtuber & Online Influencers
  • TVs and radio stations (MD, Owner, DJ, Producer)
  • Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking Group etc

Important note: All of the contact you gave here will be passed directly to the students as this project is only initiated by myself but it’ll be 100% run, develop and implemented by students of Inti Subang… if they manage to get an interview, talk show, radio interview, magazine appearance required, it’ll be channeled to promote the OKU entrepreneurs in Malaysia, they or the students in charge of the project will be getting the media exposure  … I will NOT be engaging in any form of physical or public activities related to this project …  😀 … I just initiated this project and will not interfere in the effort of letting the students , my email subscribers and Malaysia business communities determine how far this project will go naturally  …



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  • KCLau

    Reply Reply May 20, 2014

    I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of this noble project. Keep it up @Evanna

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