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MasterClass #121 by Pn Sofia Leong



Thursday, April 30
9 - 10.30 AM Malaysia Time

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    Many Businesses have the potential to be franchise-able. The question is do we know what it takes to understand the meaning of "FRANCHISE"?

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    Puan Sofia Leong Abdullah from Business Evolution to share with our community on her thoughts based on her experience and expertise.

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Speaker: Puan Sofia Leong bin Abdullah

 Franchise Business Evolutionist & Author of MPH MasterClass Book "Guide to Franchising in Malaysia"

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Speaker Profile: Puan Sofia Leong bin Abdullah

Hailed from the capital city of Malaysia, I grew up and completed my studies in Kuala Lumpur. After completing my secondary studies, I pursue a Diploma Course in Interior Designing at one of the local art institution.

With my vast and long working history of 28 years, I have been involved in various industries. Starting my career path with an architectural consultancy firm that undertakes various construction & development and interior designing projects, I personally assisted in the re-structuring and designing process for the conversion of Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. Besides commercial and retail building, I worked on residential and interior designing projects with another architectural consultancy firm. I have also explored the service and hospitality industry, whereby I worked in the local hotel industry as well as abroad while serving in an international airliner based in Hong Kong.

Upon returning to Malaysia, I started my service in the franchise industry with the franchisee to a foreign brand. After which, I started to venture into the real estate industry, being employed in an Australian affiliated real estate agency, dealing with property management and negotiation for commercial and residential properties throughout the region.

Then moving on to an international franchise company, being the Business Development Manager, I was among the pioneer team responsible for the setting up of several master-franchising rights for Asia Pacific. The roles entrusted to me included brand development, corporate communication and relationship building with franchisees and government agencies. My other area of responsibilities included product marketing and promotion, brand and image enhancement, franchisee evaluation & selection, outlet design and layout. After managing the business development division for a good number of years, I was designated the Franchise Brand Manager being the custodian of the brand ensuring that trade mark matters are well managed, brand domains are handled accordingly and all legalities of the brand are carried out accordingly.

After completing 13 years of service in this franchise company, I entered into an NGO, hoping to help further enhance the franchise industry of Malaysia. Building and strengthening relationship with members and improving awareness of the association were the immediate priorities. Enhancing the association’s service to the franchise players and strengthening the bond between the government agencies were another method to ensure a smoother execution of projects which contributes growth to the industry. Apart from being the spoke-person and managing the overall operation of the secretariat office, my responsibilities included overseeing the execution of many viable projects and programmes which we have managed to secure with different parties in order to enhance our services to members and hence, contributing to the nation’s franchise industry.

In the last 18 years, I have been invited to speak at different occasions locally as well as within the region. I have spoken on various topics related to business and franchise development, entrepreneurship and other franchise related subjects in front of entrepreneurs and university students as well.

With my many years of hands-on experience in the franchise business sector, I am certain that I can personally impart significant insights and perspectives to other entrepreneurs in areas of business and brand development, franchising, localization and globalization.

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