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I owned, partnering with the largest Google Apps for Business Reseller in Malaysia. With my reliable partner and best friend, Sean Tay (left) …

If used wisely, Google Form can be a valuable tool for business

In this blogpost, I recorded a 9 mins youtube tutorial video showing you how to create autoresponder script in your google form and also I have given you the full and completed set of autoresponder script so that you can copy and paste directly to see results in your work …

A huge part of me is a techno geek who love to experiment with techno stuffs … I owned another platform called, partnering with Matrix Connexion Sdn Bhd and we are the largest Google Apps reseller in Malaysia … We serve many corporate clients for example F&N, The Star, Eastin Hotel, UMSC etc …

I took up tea art culture and surprisingly it helps me to be very organized when my brain is loaded with tonnes of information… I am practicing my tea art presentation @ far left corner

Before Sept 2013, I was actively advocating, training and educating our clients. On Sept 2013, I officially retired from all forms of physical events/meeting/networking and is now fully focus on research and development of Product and Innovation.. The 3 things that I am actively researching is Mobile Apps, CRM cum Project Management Tools and Social Media Management Tools … During the day, I am looking at so many information, constant trial and error process required that I must take up a hobby to self help and “do something positive” to my brain and emotions functions 😀

Besides researching and developing geeky stuffs, I am also virtually managing 3 different projects with Inti International University. At the moment, the projects that I initiated are:-

  1. Video Documentary and Promotion of 13 Physically Challenged Entrepreneurs in Malaysia with 70 students from Inti Subang Mass Communication (project expected to complete by 1 July 2014)
  2. Marketing Management with 30 MBA students from Inti Nilai to Promote FounderMethod (project expected to complete by 15 Aug 2014)
  3. Book Writing on “Practical Guide to Finance & Accounting for Sales Person and Entrepreneurs” with 25 Inti Subang Finance Students  (project expected to complete by 14 Oct 2014)

one of my biggest challenge is handling huge influx of data and information during research, i practiced tea art culture to help me effectively filter out information that I don’t need and keep me focused to be productive (not busy)…

In total, I am managing 125 virtual resources at the moment and continue to be in the background & still have ample of time for my personal hobbies and other non-sense :D… I am focused at being productive, and not being busy … honestly speaking, without Google Apps for Business, this is impossible …  I hope to learn how to save time, save money and also save energy in whatever I do because time, money and energy are valuable resources of a person …

OK, back to Training of Google Forms and Auto-responder script…

For Full Training Modules, Please refer to This FREE Training is Laziness Module #6 with Google Form and Autoresponder View Training Video Here

Copy and Paste and edit the Below Script to Your Script Editor in Google Form (Spreadsheet)

function sendFormByEmail(e)
{ var email = “”; var subject = “FounderMethod-SME Acceleration Funding Series”; var message = “”; for(var field in e.namedValues) { message += field + ‘ :: ‘ + e.namedValues[field].toString() + “\n\n”;
} MailApp.sendEmail(email, subject, message);


function formSubmitReply(e) {
var userName = e.values[1];
var userEmail = e.values[2];
var userPhone = e.values[3];
var userMPhone = e.values[4];

“Click to Confirm Your Attendance SME Acceleration Funding Series”,
“Hi ” + userName + “\nThank You for submitting your information to us. ” +
“\nBelow are your details :-” +
“\n\n Your Name: ” + userName +
“\n Your Email: ” + userEmail +
“\n Your Contact Number: ” + userMPhone +

“\n\n One Final Step is to Confirm Your attendance by Clicking Below Link for Full Details of the Event” +
“\n ” +

“\n\n Thank You, ” + “\n Evanna Phoon” + “\n”,

{name:”Evanna Phoon”});



If you want to contact us for help to implement Google Apps in your business, kindly fill up the form below, I’ll send an expert to contact you 😀

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  • Chin Kian

    Reply Reply May 29, 2014


    Thank you for your great content. Although this is the step by step tutorial. But I still fail to do by following it step by step. LOL… Hahaha, next time before you post maybe can send it to me to test it out. See idiot like me can follow it step by step or not. lol. Anyway, I will try explore more why I get the “Illegal character. (line 2, file “Code”)” Error. Thanks.

    • Evanna Phoon

      Reply Reply May 31, 2014

      tqvm 4 trying …. i tried and it work wor 🙂

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