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Secrets Recipes of Brand Culture Building

How Patrick Lim Successfully Created & Grew an
Impactful & Sustainable Brand Culture
Even When He Started His Home-made Brand
That was Unknown & New to the Market



Wednesday, Sept 02
10 - 11:30 AM Malaysia Time

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Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Master Trainer: Patrick Lim

Founder of Greenroom136 and ConcreteJungle podcast

This Online Master Class is Suitable for
Those Who Wish to Learn How to Build
with Minimal Cost

During This FREE Master Class, You'll Learn

Tangible branding. The physical and visual element of a brand. Using mascots? Meaning behind the name? How will the brand be represented on different media. Who gets to use the brand?

Intangible branding. The culture and stories revolving around the brand. It's the thing that gives the brand its soul.

Benefits of Using Patrick's Method in Building Brand Culture for Your Brand
- creates resonance and gets people excited;
- creates associations;

Variables to building a sustainable brand culture
- product competitive advantage;
- what are your competition doing;
- what's your vision, mission and guiding principles;
- creating and telling stories;
- broadcasting your brand culture and believes.
- never stop believing

That is Not All, Patrick has offered to GUIDE you for FREE in your Brand Building ...

The below section is only for SERIOUS ENTREPRENEURS who wish to get Patrick's advice on Building their existing brand

Have Patrick Lim to Guide You in Your Brand Culture Building Activity

**This is for serious entrepreneurs that wish to get Patrick's advice on their brand culture building activity**

Please try your best to be as detailed as possible so that he can really give you practical methods and tips.
Patrick will be picking 3 submitted questions to answer LIVE during his online FREE master class.
Do grab this opportunity to directly engage and get advice from this proven entrepreneur.

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Master Trainer: Patrick Lim

Patrick Lim is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of GREENROOM136; a Malaysian based urban bag company. And he is the producer/host for a video podcast; ConcreteJungle which chronicles his journey to unearth the essence of Malaysian entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 1996, he served with many companies in the fields of sales and marketing. His last employment was with a leading computer company and an instrumental component to the development of resellers throughout the country and had served with that company for 6 years.
(pix: Patrick Lim is featured on BFM. GREENROOM136 on Open for Business with Freda Liu)

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