How To Manage Your Business During Hard Times Before It's Too Late



Thurs, Mar 24

10AM - 12 NOON Malaysia Time

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Host: EvannaMiss8

(Founder of

Master Trainer: Maresa Ng

(CEO of ActionCoach, SparkActivators)


Total: 120 mins

5 mins : Evanna Introduce Maresa
10 mins : Successful case studies on business transformation, hear from people that has transformed their business
15 mins : Difference between sustainable and unsustainable businesses so that you don't into trap
60 mins : in depth of 6 areas to grow a successful business
30 mins : live Q&A plus audience to complete a 1st level diagnostic for their business (hands-on session)

** at the end, Maresa will generate a Diagnostic Report worth RM 250 if you stay until the end of webinar

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