Master Class #164: 3 Dangerous Mistakes that Parents Make That Destroy the Financial IQ & Money Habit of Their Children and Eventually Ruin Their Future

Choon Sian

Choon Sian, CEO of LifeChamp and the co-founder of Young Money Master

The MOST REWARDING BUSINESS you can venture into is being a PARENT … At the same time, it is also the TOUGHEST BUSINESS in this world …

You are dealing with the customer 24/7 for the rest of your life …

If you cultivate the wrong financial mindset to your child, it’ll be a disaster …
If you cultivate the right financial mindset to your child, it’ll be rewarding …

This Online Master Class is suitable for

This Online Master Class is suitable for:-
– Parents who have children age 9 – 24 years old


Master Class #164: Master Class #164: 3 Dangerous Mistakes that Parents Make That Destroy the Financial IQ & Money Habit of Their Children and Eventually Ruin Their Future


1.The importance of imparting financial education to your children in this capitalistic economy
2.Why some parents fail in teaching their kids about money
3.How you can increase your children financial IQ at a young age
4.How your children develop their money habits and the right way to develop your children’s habits
5.Good money habits that you should develop in your children
6.The bad money habits in your children that you should look out for
7.How your children can have a big head start in their financial journey

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Master Trainer: Choon Sian

Choon Sian is the CEO of LifeChamp and the co-founder of Young Money Master. He is also a Certified Professional Trainer by International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), UK, and Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia. He specializes in training young adults in financial education and entrepreneurship. He also writes for a column -“Market Your Enterprise” in Malaysia’s most visited entrepreneurship website -NextUpAsia. Presently, he is appointed as the Secretary of an NGO –Leadership Empowerment And Development Institute.

Coming from a humble background, he has lived financially dependent on himself since he was 18 years old. He started learning and investing in shares and forex at the age of 19. At the same age, he also began learning NLP. As a university student, he started off with leading a financial club in university to educate his peers on financial intelligence. In 2010, he became a young Malaysian Student Ambassador to the U.S. under a 1-year exchange program, fully funded by U.S. Department of States. After his return, he co-led a global grassroots movement for change – Wake Up Call, which has impacted 300,000 lives from 85 countries across 7 continents.

In 2012, he was one of the few student leaders selected to provide the youth's viewpoint to the Prime Minister in improving the Economic Transformation Program and Government Transformation Program, the two initiatives launched by the government. Throughout his active involvement, he had the privilege to meet Nobel Peace Prize Laureates – Muhammad Yunus, Kofi Annan, and President Obama. At the age of 22, he began his entrepreneurial venture by starting his first business while in university. Currently, he is one of the youngest youths to be invited to TV and radio shows to share about financial education for youth.

Academic wise, he holds a first-class honours degree in Actuarial Science from National University of Malaysia. He was a distinguished international scholarship recipient - John Culver Wooddy Scholarship, which is awarded annually to the world top 14 actuarial students.

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