#IntiFMIdol: Ably Yap

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Be Your Own Boss – Ably Yap


A boy who is an orphaned in an early age and losing his right arm did not take away his determination in life.   Ably Yap parents passed away when he was very young and being placed under the care of relatives, he had to depend on them for living, but it was just until the age of 16.   He wakes up at 5.45a.m every day to do the household and waited for the newspaper to come. He has to stack 100pieces of newspaper every day and delivered newspaper in a young age, he has to walk several trips to deliver 70-80 pieces of newspaper because of his small physique. Living under this kind of situation makes him become an independent person in the age of 4. From this I learned that every day the world would change, even you are happy or not.   He says, “I make my own decisions and never retreat when I met obstacles.”   When he reaches 16 years old, he came down to Kuala Lumpur with only RM30.60 in his pocket. He was thinking, “Why his aunt can’t gave him a RM60 or RM100?”

He work as a technician when he was 20 years old, he learned everything from beginning.   “On the 6th of December of my 20 years old, it was raining heavily and i was riding my motorcycle to work. Then I fell down, I was going to apply a leave for my work but my boss asked me to lend a hand. And I really lend a hand, I waited for almost 3 hours for the ambulance to come.” says Ably Yap.   Ably stayed in the hospital for a month, during his rest he thinks back a lot on childhood memories and also the second stage of his life. But in the ward room, there are different kinds of patients, some were without legs and some were without hands but I’m only without an arm. “Although there are other people who are worse than me, I still can’t imagine how my future will be.” Said Ably Yap.   “It did cause me a lot of inconvenience,” says Ably Yap. “But people who are without legs faced more difficulty than I do.”

Ably Yap lost his right arm at age of 20 due to an accident at work but that did not stop him from pursuing his dream as an entrepreneur

Thinking positively, he says that his recovery time were only 7 weeks.   After that, his cousin brother take care of him, that time he starts learning to write with his left hand. The first word he must learn to write it properly is his name. He gets used with his left arm doing his daily task. In the meantime, Ably have to go to hospital to wash his wound.   From them, he studied and works in the pasar malam. He went to Sunway University and took marketing course. After his graduation, he still seeks for different kind of jobs. Then he met his biggest turning point in the age of 22. “I later met an important person in my life. He opened up an opportunity for me to set up my own business. I learnt to do sales and gradually picked up the skills of running my business.

I became my own boss.” says Ably Yap.   He taught him what business is and how to face the problem that we meet. He gave me a car and a salary of RM1, 000 a month. In those years, a thousand is not a small amount. Then, Ably start building his relationship with other bosses to support him being his own boss. This platform is not only me, but I need friends to help me too. Then he opened up his business, S.O.P Bar & Bistro at Paradigm Mall. He sells Sapporo Beer because his business partner has long distributing Sapporo Beer so he decided to bring this brand to Kuala Lumpur.     “At times in my career, I do will encounter some difficulties but as long as I handle problems in a decisive manner and coordinate with my team members, everything will turn out well.” says Ably Yap. “I’ve gone through these in life and I speak on my experiences.

There is always light at the end of a tunnel. Nothing is impossible in life if we never give up.” Said Ably Yap. “Even though I am a disable person, I still managed to meet people with my communication skills.” says Ably.  “My ambition is very big, I want to earn more.” He met a lot of people, even in other countries, they like his performance. He is a salesperson, he supplies cigarettes. That is when he starts learning to do his own business. His first bucket of money let him realize that friend is important because they will introduce to their friends. 2002 Ably met another problem in his life, he had a tumor in his head, and doctor told him if the tumor is not taken out, it will turn in to cancer and it’s dangerous. “I have a surgery for that, but after few years later, the wound got virus and it made a hole on my head.  I had another surgery, it was very painful and hard for me that time. Luckily, I pass the danger.” says Ably.


When Ably Yap SOP bar&bistro grand opening.


In 2012, he met another problem in his life, he had a serious illness – Lymph cancer. Doctor asked him to do another surgery. “But this time, I had to believe myself, to find out a way to reduce my illness. Doctor says if he is not doing any surgery he will not live for more than 2 years, which is 31th October 2014. Now he is 37 years old, although he has to go, “but I still have to achieve something first.” Says Ably. So he and his friends decided to build a football academy and also open a business of their own. They wanted to train Malaysian kids to become boss of their own company. Also he wishes that in 2022, Frenz United Academy could go in and participate in the FIFA World Cup. “Now I have taken care of my body, treat yourself good so it will become stronger. Learn how to help other people and teach other to do a business.” Says Ably.   He did not do any intense training, only normal stretching and eat more fruits. “I am happy with my life, because around me, I have a lot of my friends, my business partners and others. Most of my dream slowly realized. Last time people thought that I am a liar because I only know how to dream so big, but now they saw my achievement.” Says Ably. For Ably’s future, he hope that his kids whose those he trained can be ‘SOMEBODY’. His advice to them is to be honest, what is yours, you take: what is not, don’t.  For his children in Frenz United Academy, he told them that their dream could be entering the World Cup. “My life is simple now, every day I woke up and have a foot bath, read newspaper, and went to office. My work is to give suggestions or ideas to them and they will help me to make it.” Says Ably. Time is precious. “I am very happy to meet you guys, it’s been long since I have remembered back my old times.” Says Ably.



Group members: 1. Wong Leong Jean 2. Au Jia Ven 3. Stella Cheah Yehn 4. Ng Huey Xin 5. Catherine Marie with Evanna Phoon (Far Left)


Thoughts of Group #15...

We think that the most easy part for us in this project is our interviewee - Ably Yap, willing to share everything about him with us. He even bought us to his academy for the shooting. He gave us as much information about his as he can. Other than that, we think that the most difficult part for us in this project is time limit. Due to our interviewee is quite busy about his company lately, it is hard for us to make an appointment with him for an interview. Our attitude before and after this project is we did some research about our interviewee Ably Yap and we found out that his story are quite interesting so we are very looking forward for the interview. We arrange everything and we get a lot of information with our interviewee and it is under our expectation. We enjoy spending time with our interviewee and he enjoyed too. We just hope that everything be done with a great job at last. It is a bit late but still, we think that we really did a very great job.

What we have learnt from this project and our interviewee is teamwork as usual. Teamwork takes a very important role on a team. We learnt how to manage our time well so that we don't waste our time and also the interviewee time. We also learnt to get ready everything before we start everything. Such as do some research to know more about our interviewee at first. The most importantly, what we have learnt from our interviewee Ably Yap is never give up for life even how hard is it. We must always stay strong for our goal and try hard to achieve it when you still can. Do everything with no regret, always put a smile on and build up good relationship with others.

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