#IntiFmIdol: Daniel Lee

Evanna Phoon

#IntiFMIdol is a project initiated by FounderMethod to promote 15 physically challenged entrepreneurs in Malaysia & is 100% a Malaysian Made Production by 70 Gen Ys from Inti Diploma of Mass Communication

As a proud Malaysian, I hope that you make full use of #IntiFMIdol Stories as your motivational communication to your sales force, staffs, colleagues, friends & loved ones. Thank You in Advance ....

Evanna Phoon, www.FounderMethod.com

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Push to Inspire by Daniel Lee 

He flipped his wheelchair and rolled up to a few steps with a quick and precise movements that mostly wheelchair users can’t do. A quote from Robert M.Hensel- "Reaching beyond his own limitations, to show the inner strength that tells us no obstacles are too hard for this warrior to overcome" really fits well in one person.

Daniel Lee, a 23 years old ambitious motivational speaker who was born with Type 1 Osteogenesis Imperfecta whereby his bones are very brittle and would fracture easily. He said there is no cure for the condition itself, so he has done a surgery where doctor inserted five titanium rods that help to strengthen it. “I stopped walking at the age of 2 but now thanks to the titanium rods in my legs, I can stand for a few minutes”, Daniel stated proudly.

Last picture of Daniel standing as a child before he stopped walking.

Growing up with a disability has caused a constant struggle to Daniel where he was teased and bullied in the school since the age of 7. “My family couldn’t afford a wheelchair at that time, so every time my mum carried me in her arm and brought me to school,” he said. “As for some people, they feel funny because there was a kid that mum carried everywhere and they couldn’t understand it, thus, they rejected to make friends with me.”

During that time, Daniel felt isolated by the social and when it came to school recess, he used to get himself surrounded of flowers and trees to calm his mind. People with disabilities live in a world designed primarily for the able-bodies and fully realizing that must be done within the boundaries of their limitations. Speaking about his disability, he mentioned that the biggest failures in his life is not being able to do simple things and contribute efforts in everything.

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI and sometimes known as brittle bone disease, or "Lobstein syndrome") is a congenital bone disorder characterized by brittle bones that are prone to fracture.

“When they always have class party celebrations at the end of the year, everyone has a role to do whereas I always sit down and nobody wants me to contribute,” he added. Daniel truly knows that his disability significantly prevented him from taking part in class celebrations. Statistically, disabled people don’t hold as many qualifications as normal people but Daniel is a different story. As soon as he completed the secondary school, he enrolled in Diploma in Counselling as well as an Advanced Diploma in Social Science Psychology.

Daniel chose to further his study in TARC College mainly because he is interested in knowing more about human sociology and psychology. A lack of disabled access remained as the main source of difficulty for him same goes to some others that also faced disability in life especially at work. “I tried to apply an easy job, but people will just pay you as an usher and honestly none of the company wanted to employ me because of my disability,” he explained.

What bear in his mind was life may seems unfair sometimes, people may not give you the chance that you need, but that doesn’t examine your success. Despite his physical disability, Daniel does not let his disability to keep him away from achieving ambitious dreams. Daniel Lee found success in using his own frustrating experiences to create solutions for others and inspire everyone who are in hard times.

Daniel was doing an activity with one of his audience during a motivational talk.

Daniel is now an inspirational speaker who aims to make a difference by nurturing others to be a leader and role model in life. “Push to Inspire” is one of the business that own by him and a movement to empower people to realize that how wonderful people can live in fullest potential. “I believe everyone can push beyond their fears and perceive limitation to realize their potential and in that process, they can inspire with each other,” he explained.

For some, it is their determination to overcome the challenges that accompany by certain disability that fuels their desire to run their own business. Setting up a business is certainly not an easy task for a disabled entrepreneur whereas it needs support available and can be hugely liberating. Motivational speaker is not a business, but Daniel developed his careers and own a business which open up like a workshop namely Push to Inspire that speaking on tailor-made program that best suit the needs of an organization.

He speaks to children, youths and adults of all ages at informal or formal event by encouraging and inspiring them to live a life that is not limited by fear and challenges . He never dream of doing any things related to speaking because while he was in secondary school, he never has a leadership role and put in a situation to speak in front of the crowd.

“Until the first year of college in 2008, I went to church, the fellowship president was the first person who believe and mentor me to be a leader,” he mentioned. Meanwhile, it took much time and effort to realize that he could make a difference and his passion is infecting the world. “I realized that when I speak, people will listen because I have a story to tell which inspired me to become a motivational speaker,” he added.

Daniel believes that it takes more than just words to make a difference in the world.

The biggest challenge faced by him who starting off as a new entrepreneur is getting the funding to create or grow his business as a motivational speaker. In fact, he warned that a lot of new entrepreneur need to do side jobs that allowed them to have flexibility to run their business. Daniel believes that if a person have a dream or a goal, they need to see how they can contribute and affecting people around the world.

“When you express to people what you live in, impact them and see how you can add value to other people,” he opined. “When I talk to people, my vision will always on of how people should have their own dream and how they can achieve the potential.” The sweetest victory is the one that’s most difficult to achieve whether in overcoming different challenges or reaching your full potential in all aspects of life.

As everyone have their own meaning of success, Daniel defined his success as knowing who made you to be now and the purpose of what you are made of. “God created me by knowing him and the purpose he created me for, therefore I can contribute to the world,” he said. Moreover, he added that success also means in term of your relationship with other people such as families and friends that denote of how do you add value to the life around you.

However, his biggest fear right now is "you know you have the potential to do things but beside not to do so." Like everyone else, disabled entrepreneurs are able to achieve many different things and contribute to the society in which we live, in many different ways.

Daniel Lee is such a good example for everyone to follow his footsteps to pursue his dreams. He thought that a lot of pressure may come from family members and friends around you, but you must always hold on your dream and remember the reason.

“You know the reason, you know the why and you will know the how,” he added. Work hard for it, increase and sharpen your weapon, learn more things and start to use it wisely to achieve good things. In addition to developing his business, he remains optimistic about the future where he plans to become a coacher and involves in coaching and training.

A quote from Daniel Lee.

And it’s Daniel’s dedication to standing by those values that makes him as one of the most remarkable disabled entrepreneur in the country.“Going the distance is not done by taking on giant leap; rather it is through little but consistent steps”- this quote from Daniel shows us why he was succeed in life.

Business Information of #IntiFMIdol - Daniel Lee
Email: daniel@pushtoinspire.com
Facebook: Push to Inspire
Website: http://www.pushtoinspire.com
Nature of business: Motivational Speaker

Video production & Article Write up is by Group #3 Gen Y

Daniel Lee with Group 3 students.

a) Huang Cheau Ning

b) Amelia Teo Siew Ching

c) Lim Yen Woon

d) Anvale Kong Jin Hui

e) Chea Pui Khei

Thoughts of Group #3 of #IntiFMIdol Project

Most easy part for you in this project:

- The most easy part for us is preparing the question. We searched the    information about Daniel Lee on internet, then think about the questions that we want to ask him.

Most difficult part for you in this project:

- Firstly, the most difficult part of the project for us is to find the interviewee. We actually found the same interviewee with others group, but first come first serve, we were slow compared to them, so we have to find a new disabled entrepreneur. We actually faced difficulties in finding the interviewee at that time and thanks to Miss Evanna helps, we managed to contact Daniel Lee and book the time with him. Secondly, the difficult part is to edit the video after finished the interview. We actually did a follow up of Daniel the following weekend to capture his working moment, but we didn't ask more detailed and thought he will be on stage talking to everyone. Unfortunately, he was not. So, when we edited the video, we added the interview part without his working part. Thus making it boring, but luckily we had plan B to use.

Your attitude before this project:

Some of us were quite excited to carry out the interview with him for the first time. While some us were feeling nervous about this interview.

Your attitude after this project:

It was such a wonderful experience to carry out the interview with disabled entrepreneur for the first time. After this project, we felt that we should appreciated the contribution of Daniel to the society, community and also country. We are all human, every disabled people should have equal rights along with non-disabled people. They deserve to get opportunities in the society.

What you've learnt from the disabled entrepreneurs that you can apply in your life:

In our life, we always have the negative self thinking or self talk in our minds when we face hardships, but for Daniel, he constantly striving to see the positive in every aspect of his life.  What we have learned from interviewing Daniel was the positive attitue. We should stay positive to reduce the stress. If you want to live in a positive, joyful life, you cannot be surrounded by negative people who don’t encourage your happiness. Moreover, we should also believe ourselves, believe in god, believe in everything, have faith in our abilities. That's the secret to be successful in life. Thanks to this project #IntiFMIdol, we are really inspired by Daniel & will bring this story as a motivation to our future ... 

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