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Here is the story of #IntiFMIdol Lim Anuar DARE TO DREAM

Mr. Lim Anuar in action

Standing on a balcony, beneath a vine covered rooftop aren't just any ordinary batik paintings. Then again, the painter himself isn’t any ordinary artist either. Following Mr Lim Anuar’s gaze and every steady stroke of his paint brush through his vibrant batik painted woman is a marvel. His work exhibits a master’s command of colour and composition. Upon meeting him, you’d think of him as any normal person; good natured, friendly and witty at the same time. Never would you be able to guess that this talented man was born deaf and has never spoken a word in his life. The 45 years old artist, illustrator and designer is skilled in all different mediums of art, ranging from watercolour, to acrylic, to batik and even ink and pen drawing.

He has had 25 years’ experience in designing, drawing and painting in conceptual design. He completed his Bachelors in Interior Architecture at Limkokwing University. He co-owns “Island Gallery” in Penang. He has also had two solo exhibitions of his work. At the mere age of three, he was sent from his home in Petaling Jaya to the School of Deaf in Penang by his illiterate mother.

There were people who could hear all around him and he faced a lot of challenges while growing up. It’s safe to say that he went through a lot more hardships than any normal kid during his childhood. “I’m not a born artist,” Anuar explained with the help of his interpreter. “I never dreamt or wished to become an artist as a child. I am unable to speak so therefore, I only rely on my hands to do technical stuff like driving, sewing, cutting etc. This made me think about the kind of job that will provide a good pay.

For those who can hear, they can become doctors or engineers, but for a deaf person, job opportunities are very limited.” Being an artist, and a successful one at that, he earns a lot more than other jobs that require manual labour. Say, technical jobs like that of a carpenter’s or mechanic’s. That’s why he learnt art. Inspite of being skilled in many different forms of art, he chooses to focus only on batik painting. Back when he used to draw and sell his paintings at Central Market in KL, he produced paintings using all kinds of mediums. But, according to him, most of the tourists bought batik paintings. Majority of the artists all over the world focus more on acrylic.

“There’s little or no awareness amongst the people on batik painting,” Anuar clarified. “Also, my co-gallery owner, Mdm Cheong advised me to focus on one medium only and to become a professional in that particular medium. Another reason is that batik is Malaysian culture. It depicts the Malaysian identity. I want to promote batik painting.” But it wasn’t as easy as Anuar hoped. He gave up on batik painting four times because it was extremely difficult for him. Then he decided to go back to study computer science at Limkokwing University but he did not like the course. So, he switched to jewellery designing. He didn’t like that either, so he transferred to a lot of other courses. Finally, he focused on interior architecture and got a degree in that field.

Lim Anuar, Professional Batik Artist

He presents an astounding example of never giving up in life. The quote ‘try, try, till you succeed’ makes so much sense now. Anuar continued, “For normal people who can talk, when you face challenges or failures in life, you know that there is always someone who will guide you or friends who will advise you. But there was no one to guide me. I have faced failures many times but there was no one to correct me or help me. In this process, I ended up wasting a lot of time and energy. I need a lot of patience to do things over and over again. I learn from experience then.” The biggest challenge for Anuar is communication. Without an interpreter or someone to give him the information, he cannot learn anything.

Dato Tay Moh-Leong, a very popular batik artist, was so impressed with Anuar’s work that he decided to teach him. “When I exhibited Anuar’s paintings, Dato Tay Moh-Leong came to see the exhibition. He was extremely surprised when he learnt that Anuar is a deaf artist and does batik since 20 years, but his technique is very traditional, unlike most artists. So Dato was determined to teach him,” the co-owner of Island Gallery, Mdm Cheong proudly said. Batik painting is a tedious and time consuming process which requires a massive amount of patience. It involves 9 stages, which is far more difficult than other mediums in art.

If a mistake is committed while batik painting, the entire image has to be redone all over again. While talking about batik, Anuar expressed, “It’s a conceptual drawing. There are 9 stages of completing a batik painting. From the initial step to the very last stage, you can practice and learn the techniques. But the most important part is to come up with the initial conceptual drawing of it. For instance, you can ask someone to help you buy vegetables or fish if you want to cook something, and then someone else to cut and clean the vegetables, but when it comes to the main cooking part, the person has to know how to cook and do what with the dish. So it’s the same way while producing a batik painting. You can hire someone to help you paint or do the washing and technical part for you, but the initial conceptual idea you have to come up with on your own. And that’s the most challenging part.”

Mr. Lim Anuar's batik painting

Anuar’s inspiration for the paintings comes from what he has seen and grown up with in Malay villages. When he studied in Penang at the age of 3, he grew up amongst malay kampung (village) people and observed their life and their culture. Sadly, these kampungs don’t exist now because they’ve been removed for development. The younger generation hasn’t seen or experienced what kampung life is like. This is a major reason why he picked the theme of his batik paintings as “ malay kampung village” so that people will see and remember.

Besides being a professional artist, he’s in charge of documentation, finance and admin work. He is also an art teacher to 5 students. “Now I plan to prepare a course for hearing people who are interested in learning batik. I’m still trying to figure out how to come up with it. I’m thinking about ways to teach people who don’t rely on interpreters. Maybe I’ll come up with a diagram that explains the batik process.” Anuar has his goals set straight and he knows exactly where he wants to be in the next few years. He wants to work hard solely for the welfare of the deaf community. “Have you ever heard of a deaf lecturer anywhere?” Anuar asked with a solemn smile. “In college or university there is no deaf lecturer. Right now there are a few deaf people who have entered university but all the lecturers are able to hear. So it’s very hard for the deaf to complete their studies and gain knowledge. I decided to quit my job in 2012 to do further studies.

Fortunately, UM (University of Malaya) accepted me as a student so that I could complete my masters. Subsequently I want to do PhD, so that people will be aware of what the deaf are able to do and hopefully there will be more deaf people who enter university. I want to motivate them and encourage them so there are more opportunities for the younger deaf generation. I want to be a pioneer. ”

Mr. Lim Anuar, Mdm. Cheong (Gallery Owner) & Ms. Caroline (Translator)

Not only is he exceptionally talented, but he also has a golden heart. His interpreter, Caroline Ching, said, “I have met and interacted with a lot of deaf people before, but he’s unlike the others. The way he thinks… he’s very capable. He’s gifted.” “There are 3 objectives of studying masters. First, I want to become a lecturer. Second, I hope to own a gallery, whereby I can display the artwork of all the disabled people to promote them. And third, I want to become an internationally professional artist. I want to create awareness about what deaf people are able to do. Right now I have achieved one of my targets of owning a gallery.

I am also training under Dato Tay Moh Leong to become a professional artist. So now the last aim is to become a lecturer, and I am working hard to achieve that dream,” Anuar further elaborated about his dream. Many might think that any form of disability might dampen a man’s spirit, but the way Mr Anuar fights against the norm and works hard to achieve the goals he has set for himself, is an inspiration to all.


Business Information of #IntiFMIdol - Lim Anuar

Operation Hours of Island Gallery
Address:  6, Phuah Hin Leong Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Email: limanuar@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lim-Anuar-Visual-Art-Illustration/168223280022056?fref=ts Website: http://www.limanuar.my/en/top/Lim+Anuar/
Nature of business: Professional Batik Artist

This video & article was done by Group 9 IntiFMIdol 


Group Members with Entrepreneur (from far left;..)

a. Fatema Jangbarwala

b. Wong Chee Meng

c. Jevitha Ravendiran

d. Davin Soosai (Friend of group)

e. Mr. Lim Anuar (Entrepreneur)

f. Ms. Caroline Chin (Translator)

g. Mdm Cheong (gallery owner)

h. Rachelle Lee

i. Chong Cherie

j. Charlotte Andrea

Thought of the Group on #IntiFMIdol Project

We’ve come across many circumstances and hurdle undergoing this project, one of many is to get hold of Lim Anuar. It was quite difficult to set an appointment date because the man himself lives a hectic life. With art exhibitions and travelling back and forth to Penang it was almost impossible to get him as our idol for this assignment. But fret not, we somehow managed. Secondly, it was difficult getting every group member to agree on travelling to Penang for the interview shoot. Some had financial problem, some didn’t get approved by parents but we were able to get each and every member together. Next, travelling in Penang was horrendous because it was 7 of us in a car which only fit 5. That’s when we realized we can overcome every adversity if hearts and minds are put into it. Besides that, editing the video was also a difficult task. This is due to long interview answers and if we were to delete few scenes the essence of the video would be distorted and the touching element would be gone for good. Also, to get hold of the bloggers to promote our video was a strenuous job. Most contacts took quite some time to respond and every day we hoped for the best because in the end of the day it’s only going to affect our marks and we definitely do not want that to happen. We have definitely learnt numerous lessons through conducting this project.

Prior to the project we were laid back and took everything as it came but ever since we experienced life in a different perspective, we saw a change in ourselves. We transformed ourselves into go-getters. We realized that in life opportunities only come knocking on your door once, and when it does you grab and make the best out of it. Apart from that, we were more open to what life had to offer, we realized that we’ve been taking simplest things for granted. We developed a conscience from within to be a better person. To strive for the best. To achieve triumph, and to be an idol for people to look up to. We managed time given quite well so nothing comes tumbling down in the eleventh hour. Lim Anuar taught us to view life in whole different point of view. Even though disabled, he had countless generosity and love to offer. His wisdom and strength to keep him going was amazing and inspiring at the same time. He wasn’t like any ordinary disabled man. One thing that makes him break out of the ordinary is his desire to make the society a better place for all the disabled. To have equal job opportunity for both disabled and non disabled. Lim Anuar is a truly amazing man inside and out.

For further details on Mr. Anuar and his fabulous art pieces feel free to contact him and he'll be happy to answer your every question and requests.


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