#IntiFMIdol: Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artist (MFPA)

Evanna Phoon

#IntiFMIdol is a project initiated by FounderMethod to promote 15 physically challenged entrepreneurs in Malaysia & is 100% a Malaysian Made Production by 70 Gen Ys from Inti Diploma of Mass Communication

As a proud Malaysian, I hope you can make full use of #IntiFMIdol Stories as your motivational communication to your sales force, staffs, colleagues, friends & loved ones. Thank You in Advance ....

Evanna Phoon, www.FounderMethod.com

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Here is the story of #IntiFMIdol Association Mouth and Foot Painting Artist- 

I used to never given a deep thought about disabled people. Yes, I felt sorry for them, I gave them seats if they were somewhere near me standing and I must say that at times, I felt sorry for the state they were in. All that changed within hours after meeting these four talented, courageous disabled people.
Last week, I together with my other colleagues had to chance to meet up and talked to these special people in person. Before I go any further, I must write down how intrigued I am with them and how they had opened my eyes within that few hours spent with them. As soon as we walked into the association of Mouth & Foot Paintings Artist office, they greeted us with such warm smiles that make us feel guilty for coming in 10 minutes late.

MFPA building is situated in Ampang Park, Kuala Lumpur which took us 45 minutes from SS15, Subang Jaya. Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists throughout the world was founded 56 years ago in 1956. The objective, mission and vision of the association is to help the mouth and foot artist worldwide to establish the necessary contacts to sell their works commercially, to gain the self-respect that comes from earning their own living.

The Malaysian Outfit ( Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Sdn Bhd) maintains its role as a unique self-help organization, dedicated to the principle of achieving a relatively independent and financially secure lifestyle for the talented Malaysian Mouth & Foot artists. What a sight, seeing all of their family members were there to support them, to support us too we felt. Imagine how honoured we felt after knowing the fact that two of the artists came down all the way from Kedah just to attend the interview.


Siti Aishah

Let’s get to know them. The first person we met was, Siti Aishah Yaakob, from Guar Cempedak, Kedah. The moment we got to know we came from the same northern state, we felt comfortable right away. With a bright smile with no sign of despair she started off by telling me about herself. Born with deformed hands, she never let that physical deficiency stopped her from doing what she wants.

She went to a normal public school. She was treated well by her other classmates and school mates. She was never bullied or discriminates by any of them. Judging from her qualifications, I would say she is an intelligent woman. She studied until she completed her S.T.P. Since her family can’t afford for her to further her studies, she quit school and stayed at home with her parents.

She did all what other girls were taught to do, cleaning up, cooking and doing laundries, using her legs, her right leg. Her mother taught her to stand on her own. To do the cooking, her father had created a special space to accommodate her while cooking. He had lowered the stove to her height and made a special chair for her to sit.

Later on, she attended one sewing class even though her heart wasn’t into it. She did it anyway just to keep herself busy. Painting, that was her passion. She loves painting, of that she’s certain. She thought of pursuing her dream and deepens her skill in this field she loves so much but her parents didn’t support the idea. She knows her parents loved her too much and worried about her if she were to be away from them.

Siti Aishah,

Don’t use your deficiency as an excuse, instead use your weakness to your advantage.”

“We do not want pity. We want support. Support us to be part of the society.”

Siti Aishah, MFPA artist

She is currently under Raja Azhar Raja Idris’s guidance and a full time artist. She had joined MFPA. Ever since she joined this organization, her paintings has been selected and showcased in exhibitions both locally and internationally (Switzerland and Singapore). She felt proud and honored that people actually recognized and appreciate her artworks.

Depending on her mood and the size of the painting, she usually takes one day or a half day to finish up one painting. She was in her element when painting of flora and fauna.

She produced about five to six paintings per month and all her paintings were up for sale. The profits of these paintings will go to them, the less fortunate people. Her A4 and water colour paintings can be fetched at RM 350.00 per piece.

At the end of our conversations, she said softly to me, she wished people would support them just as they support any other artists. “We put efforts in all our work and we hope people would appreciate our paintings. We are as good as other well-known artists”. This was told to me by her out of exasperation when their work was often looked down and people actually do the price haggling with them which put her to shame. “We don’t want pity. We want support. Support us to be a part of the society.” Siti said ending our conversation.

Siti Aishah is creating her masterpiece.

Word of wisdom from Siti














Mohd Khairuddin

Mohd Khairuddin or also known as Din, another MFPA fellow artist has this to say. “Don’t use your deficiency as an excuse, instead use your weakness to your advantage.”

Din was born in Kelantan on January 25, 1989. He was born without upper limbs and he suffers from scoliosis of the vertebra.

He currently lives in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, sharing a house with a few other friends. He drives around in his special modified car.

To him, painting is his pride and joy. Like Siti, he too prefers flora and fauna as an inspiration for his painting. He had attended a course in Art and Batik painting.

Motto in life is to look ahead and go forward ... quotes by MFPA artists

Prior to joining the MFPA, he was at Pusat Latihan OKU in Bangi. One day, a lecturer there had informed him about MFPA and the benefits he could get by joining the organization. He joined and he was forever thankful to the lecturer who had made it possible for him to be accepted at MFPA.

At MFPA, they were required to send in five paintings a month. He gladly send in every month.

For his paintings, he preferred water colour, acrylic and oil. He prefers pen as his painting tool.  His painting trademark can be seen through the colour, he chooses black and white as his trademark.

To complete one A4 size painting, he took 3 ~ 4 hours. One day is required to finish two abstract paintings using pen and also one day to complete 3 ~ 4 batik paintings.

His dream? He hopes to own an art gallery and become a successful painter and art entrepreneur.

Let’s say a little prayer for him and hope Din will do well for his future.


Words of wisdom from Khairuddin


Next, we met Aliyah, a 27 year old lady who was born with a deformation in height and backbone. Same as Siti Aishah, she too hails from Alor Setar, Kedah.

Unfortunately, she didn’t attend any school. Her highest education was the kindergarten. She faced some difficulties at first, like, the way people stared at her and judging her according to her physical build. It gradually gets better when her confidence level grows, but the typical perception towards the OKU is still there.

She too entered Pusat latihan OKU in Bangi. She was thankful that she at least had the chance to learn something while at the centre. Otherwise she wouldn’t have any skills that could help her to better her life.

She told me quietly, she is not happy with the way people misuses the facilities provided specially for the disabled, such as parking space. It was such a small wish from people like her and yet, we with the perfect physical built will always grab everything that comes in our way.

Aliyah lives with her family in Alor Setar and she drives around in her specially modified car. She does her daily chores using her foot.

Again, her foot was used to draw her paintings. She is more focused on batik painting but she is also good in landscape too. As were Siti Aishah and Din, Aliyah was good too in her flora and fauna.

I was happy to have met her though I can’t get much out of her. I hope if I were to meet her again next time around, she would open up more so that I can share her thoughts and views with everybody.

Words of wisdom from Aliah



















Our last artist was Razali. Razali was the quietest among all. He came from a family of 10. Five boys and five girls. He is married and happy with his life. His passion for painting came from nowhere. He probably realized about the painting skills he got after he tried drawing it using his surroundings such as the streets where he lives, the scenery of his hometown and others. His motto in life is to look ahead and go forward.

Having met these four amazing human beings changed my life, and all of that was done in merely 3 hours. That’s how much they impacted my life.

The MFPA organises yearly programmes to mail and sell greeting cards just before Christmas, the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya to the public, should you want to help do drop by their office, situated in Ampang or give them a call.


Words of wisdom from Razali












Aliyah (on the left) creating her masterpiece while Siti (on the right) is admiring her art work.


The support system of the association with the artist.



Lot 327, 2nd Floor, Ampang Park Shopping Centre,

Jalan Ampang, P.O. Box 12431,

50778 Kuala Lumpur,

Telephone: 03-2161 8860, 03-2161 8502 Fax: 03-2162 1504


Video Production & Article Write Up created by Group #10 #IntiFMIdol


Students of Group #10 with Miss Evanna (far left) during Mid- Checkpoint discussion and review session

Students of Group 10 (from left):

a) Haikal Azmir Shah

b) Siti Sophie

c) Davin Soosai

d) Chyna Elvina

e) Joveena Ng

f) Nigel Loo






Thoughts on Group #10 on #IntiFMIdol Project

Evanna: Most easy part for you in this project?

The easiest part for us in this project is the fact that the Mouth & Foot Association (MFA) was so easy to be reached and contacted. The association replied our e-mail within days after we've asked permission to shoot a video regarding them, and they were more than welcome to help. Everyone there was giving us a very warm welcome and were all giving full support to our project. Also, as group members, we were very easy to work with. We worked well together and we are constantly communicating with each other if there are things that we were unclear of.

Evanna: Most difficult part for you in this project?

Most difficult part of us however in order to complete this assignment is, the editing part. The shooting went well although, our equipments were not topnotch, but the editing part was quite challenging, as none of us are experts when it comes to editing. We were all self-taught. We had to go to youtube.com and constantly clicking the replay button so that we were clear of what needs to be done. Other than that, everything went smoothly.

Evanna: Your attitude before this project?

Our attitude before this project was, we do not know what to expect. We were quite oblivious of the disadvantages some people had to live with. We were being typical teenagers, complaining about the smallest matter and not being grateful enough, when these talented people have less than what we had and still does not complain as much as us. We did not realize of the everyday struggles these people go through but yet, they manage to live happily. We did not live in their shoes hence, the ignorance

Evanna: Your attitude after this project?

Our attitude after the project of course has changed so much. This project has helped us as group members to open our eyes and appreciate the little things in life, because there are people in this world who wished they had what we have. Furthermore, this project hmade us realize that you don't need perfect features to do what you do best. Talents come in many shapes and forms so we should always explore our abilities. Lastly, his project has taught us that there are less fortunate people in the world so we should always lend a hand when necessary and not be too overwhelmed with our lives that we do not realize that these people need help.

Evanna: What has this project taught you & what you've learnt from the disable  entrepreneurs that you can apply in your life?

The project itself has taught us many things like based on actually video recording and interviewing session with our entrepreneurs, we've learned a lot and how to prepare it. As for the things that we've learned in terms of how to not just give up on our lives, we realize just because we lack in something but if we put enough effort and dedication on it, we can actually achieve our dreams and do what we want to do. Last but not least, the determination and hope that the entrepreneurs have and also their mindset to think further but not to have a narrow-minded mentality.

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