Video Project with Inti International University

Inti Students did a video “Please do not subscribe to FounderMethod” … Enjoy

haha … If you are interested to see more of the student’s work … I’ve attached 4 videos. These 4 videos has no use if it’s not promoted, so, I was dreaming that I could have a project to marketing foundermethod with these video … and too lucky, I got an email from Dr Cheah (head of Inti Business School) that I was given a brand new Marketing partnership project with Inti Nilai kick-starting on Jun – Aug 2014 … I must say that I am very LUCKY again to partner with Inti 🙂

Inti just somehow realise my dreams 😀

This blogpost is specially created to thank the Inti Students and lecturer Ms Leow for their hard work in realising my dream … 😀

Duration of this Video Project: 10 February – 28 April 2014

Planning, Development of Video Production is 100% done by the Student’s of Inti International University (Bachelor of IT, Digital Multimedia Course)

  • Floreline Wong
  • Ahmed Barahim
  • Yeo Chiuya

Lecturer’s Name:

  • Leow Fui Theng

They put in a lot of work into developing the 4 videos and here are behind the scene video


Video #1 (with 2 actresses)

Video #2 (Interview KC Lau & Evanna)

Video #3 (Text Video)

Video #4 (Hand animation Video)

Personally, I’ve loved all the videos created …

This blogpost is specially created to thank them for their hard work 😀

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