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The Best Multiple Source of Income –
Group Buying Property Investment.
Even you only have RM 10,000 in your pocket.



Friday, Jan 16
9  - 10:30 AM Malaysia Time

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    Group Buy Property Investment

  • 2

    How to Make Money in Group Buy Property Investment

  • 3

    How To Start Even You Only have RM 10,000 in Your Pocket

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    Mistakes to Avoid in Property Investment

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Speaker: Heng Zee Soon

(Property Investment Expert)

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Speaker Profile: Heng Zee Soon

(Picture: Heng & Evanna Phoon at Quest Group Learning Festival Fund Raising for Malaysia Parkinson Disease Association)

He is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) currently focuses his training and coaching in the area of (1) Food and Beverages Management and (2) Property investment.

He has obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management in 1993, from the University of South Alabama, USA. He started his career with Price Waterhouse Coopers Malaysia in 1994.

Later he was recruited by Tai Thong Group of Restaurant as the head of HR Department, and was one of the key members that assisted in the listing of the company – TT Resources Berhad in year 1998. In 2001, He held the position of Country - General Manager of China Division.

Property investment has long being his passion; thus, during his free time, besides attending property workshop organized by famous gurus, he has also read all the books regarding property investment range from Robert Kiyosaki, Renesial Leong, Ho Chin Soon and etc.

He bought his 1st property back in 2001, and he is now a proud owner of more than 10 properties.

Today, he operates his own property investment holding company and runs a few units of Home Stay in Kuala Lumpur. He is also the co-trainer for the MAGIC (Mastery Asia Group Buy Investor Club) under Inpro-Mastery Sdn Bhd.


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