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Evanna Phoon, co-Founder of

I met many business owner who said that they are time-pressed or unable to attend physical seminar. Many can not afford to attend expensive business coaching classes. I have a dream - to MAKE IT EASY so that anyone could learn about Doing Business in Malaysiaanywhere. I am regularly adding quality business trainings and tips on various topics: Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, Legal & Insurance, Finance and Accounting, Life Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs on FounderMethod's platform. It's all about empowering you to grow your business in Malaysia. 

Evanna Phoon, co-Founder of

Get Trained Directly by These Successful Entrepreneurs & Experts

Andrew Wong, Founder of MAD Incubator

Shaun Lee, co-founder of MilkADeal, HiShop & Weloca

Adrian Yeo, Chartered Accountant & GST Speaker

Frank Gan, Expert in solving Tax Issue for Business Owners

Chin RenYi, co-founder of MyBurgerLab

Dato Nellie Tan, CEO of Women's Institute of Management

Wayne Lim, Founder of Malaysia SME newspaper

Syireen Rose, Business PR Expert

Chan, Founder of Exabytes

Desmond Chong, AKPK (agency under Bank Negara)

Jason Collins, Tax Expert from UK

Lance Tamashiro, Internet Marketer (US Based)

Ms Carol Fung MDEC (Manager of Special Project) Author of Best Selling Book (MPH): ‘Master Class Series: Carol Fung’s Guide to Online Retailing

Dato Dr Peter Velappan, Former General Secretary of Asian Football Confederation & Executive Committee of FIFA

Tan Chin Hui, ex-VP of PLC turned successful network marketer

David Wang, WordPress Expert in Malaysia

Josh Lim, No 1 Authority in Digital Marketing in Asia

Mr Johari Low, Chairman of Rockwills & PowerPlan Developer

Datuk Danny Ooi, Founder of Malaysia Book of Records

Tan Poh Ling, partner of MorisonAAC

Peter Lam, Top Business Coach

Azhar Hew, Senior GM of Rockwills Trustee

Geetha, Director of Kass International

KC Chong, MD of SAC Wealth Management

Lim Chin Heng, Founder of Melody Kindyland

KH Lau, Founder and CEO of

Rachel, Corporate Employee Turned Successful Entrepreneur

Adrian Oh, co-Founder of

Dr Pauline Crawford, Experts in Gender Dynamics

Maresa Ng, CEO of ActionCoach (SparkActivators)

Sue, founder of

Wendy Lee, Image & Branding Expert

Sean Tay, Expert in Google Apps & Mobile Apps

Lucie , President & CEO of Newcomm Global Group

Azizi Ali, Famous Millionaire Speaker/Author

Gobala Krishnan, Founder of

Ken Chee, Millionair Investor

May Leng, Internet Marketer/Consultant

KC Lau, Founder of, No 1 Authority Blogger for Personal Finance in Malaysia

Yath, LinkedIn & Social Media Strategist

Eddie Law, Founder of

Chris Osborne, Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Noris Ismail, Expert in Personal Data Protection Act

Dr John Vong, ex-advisor of World Bank

KC See, Founder of MasteryAsia

Andrew Wong, Founder of MAD Incubator

Chee Mei Nee, Professional Estate Planner

Ching Chee Pun, Business Funding Expert

Ching Lee, Founder of

Mah Li Chen, MD of Secretaries Inc

Robert Plank, Famous Internet Marketer (US based)

Pick Up Finance Knowledge Instantly ... Get Immediate Access to 29 Different SME Finance Toolkit in the Member's Area

  • Service Invoice
  • Service Invoice with Hourly Rate
  • Basic Invoice
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Invoice with Remittance
  • Purchase Order
  • Packing Slip
  • Price Quote
  • Work Order
  • Stock Count Sheet
  • Inventory Records
  • Business Start Up Cost
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Relationship between Balance Sheet & Income Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Projection
  • Aging Analysis
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • 12-Month Business Budget
  • Quarterly Budget Analysis
  • Project Budget
  • Project Budget with Work Breakdown Structure
  • Monthly Project Budget
  • Event Budgeting
  • Expense Reimbursement For
  • Travel Expense Form

Premium Members get direct sharing from proven experts.
Straight to the point and Full of Practical Actions

I own the largest incubator in South East Asia & I've seen more successful start ups than anyone. I am sharing the tips of how to be a successful start ups, the time frame and set your mentality right. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart but with proper guidance, anyone can succeed in business !

Andrew Wong
Founder of MAD Incubator

I have lead a blessed life ... From a humble beginning at rubber plantation of Negeri Sembilan to the secretary general of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) & actively involved in FIFA World Cup. I've watched 13 world cups LIVE in person and in presidential suite. I hope to share about my remarkable journey to success - to be hardworking & responsible, passionate to pursue your dreams and you'll be able to meet people that will help you propel your life in new heights !

Dato Dr Peter Velappan
Former General Secretary of Asian Football Confederation & Executive Committee of FIFA

I worked in a large corporate world ... Dedicating the precious time and energy to build other people's business but end up unappreciated ... however, life is full of surprises. I decided to jump into entrepreneurship, working alone in Starbucks for months ... Slowly accumulating clients. Now, I bought my own unit & run a successful business where I can be proud of ... I hope that my sharing will inspire you in your journey from corporate world to entrepreneurship

Corporate Employee Turned Successful Entrepreneur

I am sharing the practical ways of using LinkedIn ... Out of so many social media platforms out there, I got many deals from LinkedIn. I will share with you how you can get clients, get business & recruit talent from LinkedIn free business platform ...

LinkedIn & Social Media Strategist

What Our Successful Entrepreneurs are sharing with Premium Members

I do not have permanent mailing address for the pass 8 years. I work anywhere travelling around the world while conducting my online businesses. I’m sharing ways that you can also achieve travelling around the world while making a lot of income

Chris Osborne
Serial Lifestyle Entrepreneur that travels around the world

I own multiple online e-commerce platform that has over millions of visitors per month ... I am sharing with you the front end marketing and back end marketing tips so that you can apply to see traffic coming into your online business

Shaun Lee
Chartered Accountant turned successful ecommerce owner of MilkADeal, HiShop & Weloca

I worked in a large corporate world but decided to venture into MLM and network marketing a few years ago ... I made the right decision and making huge income but most importantly, enjoying the passive income generated has allow me to have time and financial freedom. I am sharing on how you choose a proper MLM company to join and venture into entrepreneurship

Tan Chin Hui
ex-VP of PLC turned successful network marketer

If you want to start an online business but do not have the time or skill to learn up all the technical stuffs or payment process, inventory management ... I strongly suggest you to look into ... our platform makes it so easy for you to sell so that you focus on growing your business .... I am sharing with you some successful case studies of Malaysian Local Breed of Entrepreneurs in Online Business

Adrian Oh
co-Founder of

as a start up, we do not want to spend too much money in advertising, so we organically grew our facebook fan base from ZERO to 40,000 ... Our 182 staffs are all very young ... I will show and demo to you how I use social media to grow & engage with my customer base plus I will show you the INSIDE scene on how I motivated over hundreds of young staffs to work well and grow our business together ...

Chin Renyi
co-Founder of MyBurgerLab, the hottest Burger Restaurant in Klang Valley

I started my online business selling cloths from the FREE blogspot ... Later, my customer base grew and I started designing all my clothes ... Right now, I have more demand than supply .. My clothes are all SOLD OUT before I launch them ... I am sharing with you all my tips and secrets of my online business .. how I started, what challenges i faced, what platforms I use ... I hope you will enjoy success in your business as well ...

Queen of Online Muslim Ladies Retail
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KCLau, author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians I met many entrepreneurs who are very willing to share their secret of success with you. Here is what I did - I interviewed them and asked them to teach about specific tactics and give you advice on running a successful business. You'll be amazed that they actually shared all these secrets with you! KCLau, author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians

Get Exclusive Training by These Proven Experts

After studying Law or obtain a legal degree, there are many career and business options available in Malaysia ... i am sharing with you all the option available ...

Eddie Law
Founder of (the largest law portal in Malaysia)

I am sharing with you basic knowledge on GST - Goods and Services Tax in FounderMethod in English and Mandarin ...

Adrian Yeo
Chartered Accountant

ACCA is a professional course that not only suitable for those who wants to pursue accounting but also suitable for those who wants to make important business decisions in corporate world and also those who runs their business ... I am sharing with you and open your eyes of the unlimited possible benefits of ACCA

Benjamin Wong (dial in from Hong Kong)

I am sharing with you the different business model for online businesses ... how you can make money online and what you should focus mainly on so that you are on the right track

David Wang
Malaysia No. 1 WordPress Expert

Men and Women are very different ... I am sharing with you how you can use gender dynamics to increase team work and productivity in your business and work ...

Dr Pauline Crawford
Corporate Hearts

Tax is an issue to many business owners in Malaysia ... I am sharing with you on how to avoid tax problems in your business ... and my webinar have a lot of questions which I am so glad to help you answer ...

Frank Gan
COO of Ex-Hasil

I am sharing with you all the success and failure on digital marketing ... Throughout the months and days, online marketing is evolving at a speed that is so fast and hard to catch up .. I am sharing with you the immediate tips to help you succeed in Online marketing & advertising ...

Josh Lim
Advertlets, Malaysia No. 1 Authority in Digital Marketing

I am sharing with you how to Generate Leads and Sales within 30 days .. Practical, Proven and very suitable for all business owners ...

Maresa Ng
CEO of ActionCoach (SparkActivators)

I am sharing all the technical aspect of Personal Data Protection Act (Malaysia) ...

Expert in Personal Data Protection Act

Managing Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y is an easy task if you identify and acknowledge each characteristic ... Listen to my webinar to help you find out new ideas to re-connect back with your staffs , learn how to motivate them and allow them to bring great value to your business

Peter Lam
Successful Business Coach and Consultant

Businesses that leverages on Technology will grow much faster ... I am sharing with you on Google Apps for Business and Mobile Apps for Business ...

Sean Tay
CEO of Matrix Connexion Sdn Bhd
I’m sharing ways on how to help you build a successful brand, image and impression … Wendy Lee
President of Malaysian Association of Brand and Image Consultants (MABIC)
Doing Business and Opportunity to Enter into this new and exciting marketing - Myanmar ... Dr John Vong
former advisor to World Bank
From age 22 to 43, he was struggling to make ends meet. He suffered business failures which pushed him to the brink of bankruptcy! At age of 40, he only has RM 10 in his pocket and nothing in the bank. He needs to beg from his friend. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur, he is the founder of Malaysia Book of Records and also successfully developed two international beauty pageants (“Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International” and “Miss Tourism International”) Datuk Danny Ooi
Founder of Malaysia Book of Records
How did I find my niche and focus on building a profitable media company that provides value to all Malaysia SMEs ! Wayne Lim
Founder of Malaysia SME Magazine
I will help you be have better Understanding on different types of business formation in Malaysia.
They are Sole proprietor, Partnership, Sdn. Bhd., Public Limited company, Initial Public Offering, Company Limited by Guarantee Mah Li Chen
MD of Secretaries Inc Sdn Bhd

Learn directly from Proven Entrepreneurs and Experts

Ms Geetha Kandiah
What is Patent, What is Trademark ? What is Intellectual Property ? What is Copyright ? I'm sharing on How to Monetize Intellectual Property In Your Business to help you stay competitive in your business with Intellectual Properties Ms Geetha Kandiah
Kass International Sdn Bhd
Azizi Ali
I am sharing with you Why You Need to be A Published Author No Matter What Business You’re Doing, Why is it important to be a published book author? Besides revealing the reasons, I am also sharing my journey in starting my book publishing business after self-publishing some of my own books. Azizi Ali
Malaysia's Famous Authour
Lance Tamashiro
Together with my partner Robert Plank, I am now operating a million dollar business whereby I markets training courses and sells software. I used to be a database administrator and never look back since the day I left my full time job. I am sharing with you the secret to my success which a lot of online businesses overlooked - List Building .... Lance Tamashiro
US Based Internet Marketing Guru
Lim Chin Heng
Have you ever wonder how a team that synergized is formed? I am sharing my insights on how I put together my fantastic team to achieve success in the education business. I am sharing the tips on how I build a team that synergize and helped boost my business, without me around! Lim Chin Heng
CEO of Melody Kindyland
Dato Dr. Nellie Tan
When I first started this Non-Profit Organization, I had no funds and no support. Today, after close to 20 years, this organization is able to self-sustain and benefit marginalized women. I am sharing my strategies on how I build a successful and sustainable NGO and you'll be able to pick up some key points to help you implement in your own business Dato Dr. Nellie Tan
Co-Founder of Women Institute of Management
Tan Poh Ling
Change is happening at a rapid pace in Myanmar. Many Malaysian Businesses are trying to enter into this new market and it is important to keep abreast on the enormous economic, political and social transformations which have been sweeping through this country in recent times. I am sharing more on the tax structures of Myanmar. Tan Poh Ling
Partner of MorisonAAC Accounting Firm
Ching Chee Pun
Funding is important to any business. I'll be sharing with you various ways to get funding (private and government) for newly start-up company. I hope that Malaysia Business Owner is aware that there are plenty of options when it comes to funding ... Ching Chee Pun
Chartered Accountant and Honorary Secretary of Branding Association Malaysia
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