Master Class #202: How to make RM402,600 sales per month by selling on Facebook

Master Trainer: Khim Tan, Founder of MIR Maju Enterprise Sdn Bhd

What is covered in this training
15 mins Khim’s Entrepreneurship Jouney
90 mins Khim share on An introduction to successful social media marketing in Malaysia – the pro and cons and the opportunities
15 mins Q&A

Let Khim show you how he helped others achieve million dollar sales using FB.

Peter: RM217,013 per month
Ong: RM41,794 per month
Mohd Amir: RM97,198 per month
Ms Lim: USD19,789 per month
Wei Ling: RM27,634 per month part time
Ms Cheah: RM716 in 1st month, RM3456 in 2nd month
Hamid: RM7323 per month
Chew Boon: RM1776 in 1st month
Teh: RM2280 1st month, RM4524 2nd month
Vince: RM4662 1st month, RM6606 2nd month
Mr. Eng: RM1266 1st 2 weeks

The above are only part of the people Khim have helped build their online businesses from scratch.

Khim Tan conducting training

Master Trainer: Khim Tan
Khim graduated with a Diploma Mechanical Engineering in Federal Institute of Technology in 1995. Worked as a site engineer for Marley Cooling Tower overseeing the overall construction & commissioning for projects in KLCC, KLIA, Penfibre and Bosch.

Due to the emergence of internet in 2005 in Malaysia, he started self exploration and venturing bit by bit into the world of online businesses. Started off with the sales of ebooks, affiliate marketing and such.

In 2006, Khim started to sell physical products in eBay and (a local eBay styled platform). He was fairly successful in this venture and turned full time online seller. He did this from 2006 till 2012.

Due to the personal experience in selling products online, he understand the whole process and common problems faced by individual online sellers. They are facing difficulty and time constraints in handling the daily storage, pick, pack and send job.

Starting 2012, Khim started to venture into the business of building and supporting online sellers. He will train (Facebook marketing), supply products, provide sourcing, import, storage, pick, pack and send service for online sellers. With all these support, his sellers have the competitive advantage of focusing in building their businesses where they don’t have to meddle with all daily operation. Hence, giving them extra time and focus to build bigger business.

After only 3 years of building and supporting, Khim’s company of MIR Maju Enterprise Sdn Bhd has managed to build 43 full time online sellers. Where 9 of them have more than RM1 million sales turnover per annum.

Due to the efficiency and technique that Khim uses, many offline businesses like Real Estate Agency, Law Firm, Doctors, Cosmetic Products Manufacturers has approached him to help promote their products and services through Facebook.

Khim had run many successful promotional campaign for them and here’s one example for real estate company where he helped them to cut down their A&P cost upto 80% compare to when they are doing it in house, getting better result in that.


Khim Tan

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