#IntiFMIdol: Lawrence Chiang

Evanna Phoon

#IntiFMIdol is a project initiated by FounderMethod to promote 15 physically challenged entrepreneurs in Malaysia & is 100% a Malaysian Made Production by 70 Gen Ys from Inti Diploma of Mass Communication

As a proud Malaysian, I hope you can make full use of #IntiFMIdol Stories as your motivational communication to your sales force, staffs, colleagues, friends & loved ones. Thank You in Advance ....

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Everything is planned from the beginning, it is destiny.

Lawrence is born in family of twelve, including his father and mother. He is number sixth among his siblings. His father work as a carpenter and his mother is a housewife. It was a healthy & happy family, until Lawrence turns five.

It separated me from normal people, being like this is not what I want to be. For me, it’s what destiny wanted me to be, it is planned since I was born. Lawrence said.

He was treated as a monster in his young age, because he is different from other. A child doesn’t have the mature thinking yet to realize that he is destined to be like this. But, he doesn’t give up himself, bullied by others yet he endures it until his secondary school life.

He started to gain friends and they always motivate him to be someone better. Lawrence mindset is twisted to be positive; he accepts what he has and what inside him.

The society will learn to accept you, but first, you have to accept who you are. How are you going to expect people to accept you when you can’t even raise your head up and accept who you are? – with confidence, even physically different from other children, as long as you accept your condition, you’ll naturally gain good friends and supporters who will be a joy in your life …


Lawrence Chiang

Thinking that you’re wrong and lock yourself down in a cage, despite that you’re not a normal human being; it’s you running away from yourself, distant yourself with the society, not the society avoiding you. Everything you perceived is from your MINDSET …

It will harm you emotionally and bring your dignity and self-confidence down to the bottom of the lake. Be positive thinking all the time, it’s not your fault. He always reminds himself that it was all destinies. At one point of time, he realizes that maybe his weak point brings out advantages to his life. His disability manage to force out the drive and determination to be successful … So, the bad illness turns out to be a good thing in his life as he is now living much better lives and more satisfied business journey as compare to many

He raised an example of his positive-ness, “When I run outside on the streets, people will look at me; when you(a normal person) run on the streets, people will not glance you one bit. It is probably because I’m more handsome or attractive compare to you.” – He smiles.

Lawrence Chiang

Success is not measured by money, it's measured by happiness

Do not be afraid or embarrassed, he saw a lot of polio affected individuals of his kind hide them and don’t dare to communicate with the society. Bring up the bright side, he did  felt low self-esteem compare to others, but he appreciate what he have and give thanks, he do not blame others nor his families for his being.

Polio Vaccination is not something that his parents were aware of … When he was born, he didn’t receive any medication, and when the syndrome started take effects, he was too small to feel the weirdness inside him. Everything starts since his age of 5. The first time he felt that his leg and arm muscle is weak, causing him couldn’t walk properly and inabilities to run at all.

He describes his symptom as a weak muscle, not function properly. For example, a good and healthy muscle stressed too much causing it to malfunction, at a point of time that the muscle couldn’t perform what it supposed to be. A running muscle couldn’t function, causing the individual couldn’t run.

It turns him into a monster at his young age, avoided by his friend; mobile disabilities have made him being an OKU (orang kurang upaya). But he never gave up; his parents take care of him the most among his siblings. He says that when his mum last moment, she still worried about him.

Since then, he wanted to be independent, he doesn’t want other to be worry about him, and he doesn’t want to be pitied, look down by others. He has a mindset that he can do it by himself, because he is capable and well educated.

“Confidence comes from you, not from people; start with the confident of you self, and then confident will comes for you. – He emphasized.”It happens naturally when you change your mindset to be positive … “

"If you don't make the first step and approach others, you will never achieve what you wanted to." He then began to set his objective slowly, make the first step and walk out of the cage after making a lot of self struggling, he bravely stepped out of his mental cage. He began enter the society, working like every individual as normal. it was not as scary as he thought it would be… everyone was busy with their own sets of problems and he began to make progressive steps to approach task and people …..

He work as an accountant in “Century” for 10years and at 1992, he found an opportunities and started his own business with 2 partners, also some customer from his former job that support him to start the business. It’ been 20years for distributing automotive battery and the company is functioning well and moving forward days by days.

With this achievement, he is proud to announce that he’s a very good example of successful OKU.

"I'm one of the examples, I might not be the best, but I think I done more than enough and I am very proud and sorry to say, what I achieve are much better than those who are not OKU, this satisfaction define success."

It is not easy to climb the mountain of glory, those success is much more harder for Lawrence Chiang, who suffers a rare symptoms of mobile disabilities. Does not matter what a normal human being do, he had to do it harder; twice.

Whereby he can do it with those circumstances, why can’t you? Appreciate what you have, it’s a gift from sky, you are destined to be who you are. Be thankful of what you have or gain, never give up or thought of wasted, review my life and compares to yous. Ultimately, the choices is in your hand, live out who you are, let your inner self evolve and shine out you.


Each day is another day for miracle

Lawrence Chiang


This video & article created by group 8 IntiFMIdol

Group 8 and interviewee Lawrence Chiang

A. Fish Chia Xin Yee

B. Mindy Wong

C. Mak Jin Yang

D. Lawrence Toh Wai Mun

E. Tan Li Cheng


 Thoughts of group #8 on #IntiFMIdol project

Evannamost easy part for you in this project?

Students of group #8: We are allow to interview with Chinese language, this is more easy for us to communicate with our interviewee.

Evanna: most difficult part for you in this project

Students of group #8: the most difficult part in this project is get a suitable interviewee. We used to contact a lot of interviewee but most of them reject us because of they don’t want to face the camera.

Evanna: your attitute before this project?

Students of group #8:  We thought that this project is easy. But after we start the project we realize that this isn't easy. Our process is slower than other group. We also take this project just for our assignment purpose, we didn't put much effort in this project at start.

Evanna: your attitude after this project?

Students of group #8: We realize that this project is meaningful! We get to understand more about OKU during us running this project. We can understand how OKU get success in dilemma, we learnt a lot of thing from them.

Evanna: what has this project & what you've learnt from the disabled entrepreneurs that you can apply in your life?

Students of group #8: We learnt that we should never give up in our life. Nothing is impossible, Must be confident to ourselves, achieve your goal with your 100% effort, then you will never regret in your life.



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