Master Class #59-Loan & Grant Expert : Ching Chee Pun

What does funding have to do with business? Everything …

it’s great to find out all the funding available in Malaysia and
to develop good funding strategies for your business

the most successful entrepreneur know where to & how to get funds
here is how to do it …

Master Trainer: Ching Chee Pun (Load & Grant Expert)

In this Master Class #59, Our Master Trainer Shares about

  1. Methods for Finding YOur FUnding for Business
  2. Types of Government Loans in Malaysia
  3. Types of Government Grants in Malaysia

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Ching Chee Pun is an expert in Funding & Sourcing. He is the senior partner of Oscar Wealth and Honoray Secretary of Branding Association Malaysia. He will share on the types of Government Loan and Grant available for Malaysia SME


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Up Close & Personal with Ching

Ching Please tell us more about yourself ?

Ching Chee Pun

Ching Chee Pun (2nd from right)

I am a Chartered Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (CA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) of Financial Planning Association of Malaysia. I am also a licensed financial planner of Securities Commission.
I graduated in UK with Hons degree mastering in Accounting and Management Control. I also a qualified ACCA member for the past twelve years. Over 10 years experience in areas comprising auditing, tax planning, financial accounting, corporate financial planning, business advisory, education and corporate training.

I have been practicing in Deloitte Kassim Chan for 5 years and specialized in tax and audit. I am also good in Financial Statement and criteria to suit the Bank requirement in order to ease the bank application process.

How did you start your business ? 

Ching with Dato Lewre & Dato Jimmy Choo

Ching with Dato Lewre & Dato Jimmy Choo

We started off the Funding Department around 8 years ago with the intention to help the SME to secure Bank Loan, Government Loan, Government Grants, Angel fund, Venture Capital and etc. We found out that a lot of SME having difficulties to put up a good business proposal and thus having difficult to obtain Funding from the Financial Institution.

We have a mission to help out SME to get working capital in their business and with the existence of the working capital, SME can grow their business.

What motivates you daily to build your business?

We wish to help SME to grow by injecting more working capital / extra fund in their business. And indirectly help to stimulate GDP of the Company because SME contribute a significant GDP growth in the Country.Have you ever failed at anything? If so, how did you handle it and what did you learn?

Have you ever failed at anything? If so, how did you handle it and what did you learn?

Ching (1st from right) during his younger days :D

Ching (1st from right) during his younger days 😀

In the early stage of our business, we failed to meet the client expectation by not delivering our services as promises. For eg, client is not happy if we cannot get them a Government Grants. But in fact some clients do not understand that the reason they cannot get the Government Grants is due to his own lacking in the business model and etc.

Now we make it very clear the criteria / guideline and the limitation of our services to minimize the gap of the different expectation.

What services or products is your company offering ?

We provide the services as follow :

1) Sourcing for Government Loan
2) Sourcing for Government Grants
3) Sourcing for Bank Loan
4) Sourcing for Mortgage Loan
5) Sourcing for Personal Loan
6) Sourcing for Alternative Funding
7) Sourcing for Venture Capital
8) Sourcing for Angel Investor
9) Sourcing for Private Funder / Private Investor
10) Help SME to go for IPO, RTO, Merger and Acquisitions exercise

Ching (3rd from right) as Honorary Secretary in Branding Association Malaysia ...

Ching (3rd from right) as Honorary Secretary in Branding Association Malaysia ...

Ching, What's next for your companies ?

We plan to have our owe FUND in the near future that we can give direct loan and also do direct investment into potential SME. I'll be sharing on FounderMethod FREE webinar the types of government loan & grant ... 







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