Master Class #74-Incubator: Coaching, Mentoring, Market & Funding Access for Malaysia StartUps

Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs first started their business venture by worrying …

  • Worrying that their target market might already been all taken by others
  • Worrying that someone has already beaten them to their first brilliant marketing strategies
  • Worrying about failing in business …
  • Worrying about not enough funds to sustain …

If similar thought is holding you back right now, then this master training is for you …

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in his many conferences “If you’ve failed, that means you’re doing something … If you’re doing something, that means you have a chance … ” Happy Viewing Master Class #74 to solve your worries and build your confidence

Master Trainer: Andrew Wong (Founder of MAD Incubator)

In this Master Class #74, Our Master Trainer Shares about

  1. Some of many successful Malaysia StartUps from MAD incubator
  2. Key Services of MAD Incubator that will immediately help Start Up Business Owners
  3. Entrepreneurship Programmes and Regular Workshop of MAD incubator across Malaysia

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