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Maximizing the Art of Leveraging in Property Investment

We all know that with the current economic growth and the difficulties with getting financing, it has become extremely challenging to own even one property let alone, own multiple properties. Many of us who have a dream of becoming a property tycoon are doing exactly that …still dreaming. But dreams do comes true. It came true for Steven Tan at the age of 26 and not only him…it is true for many of his students and followers.

“Millennials (those who are born in the year 1980's to 2000s) are now known as “homeless generation” because stagnant wages and sky-rocketing property prices render it almost impossible for them to afford a down payment much less qualify for a home loan.”From, 10th October 2014

We can only feel envious over how some ordinary people can accumulated such a massive property portfolio when some of us are struggling paying for our house rent which is not even ours. The difference is not because they all come from rich families…on the contrary, they most definitely don't. They just have two things; a desire to succeed as a property investor and the realization that they have to learn.

If property investment is still one of your better solutions to create another streams of income even with the implementation of GST starting from April 2015, you need to know HOW! If you are at this mind set, timing is not a concern. Then what are your concerns?

  • Property Prices Too High ?
  • Where is the Right Location ?
  • Selecting the Best Property type to Invest In ?
  • Getting Financing ?

If your answers are YES to the above questions, you MUST KNOW about M.A.G.I.C (MasteryAsia Group-Buy Investors Club) formula. By applying this formula, all these concerns will turn into opportunities. And that is what Steven Tan and his team does…..have the right mindset and the solutions will always be there.

What is M.A.G.I.C Formula?
This is a proven formula created by Mr Steven Tan to maximizes the art of leveraging in property investment which helped him to own not one but 146 properties at the age of 29! He not only created this magical formula, he also passionately shared this formula and helped others in their first step to become a property tycoon.

If you want to start to own a property and become the next property millionaire, the first step to do is to make yourself available and join our live session to discover this M.A.G.I.C Formula and apply it in your property investment.

4 Important Points You’ll Learn from the Live Seminar!
-How to buy with little or No Money Down
-Secrets to Financial Leveraging - The Key to Wealth
-The Power and Advantages of Group Buy
-Smart and Proven Property Investment Strategies

Seminar Details:

Date : 27.11.15 (Friday)
Time : 7.30pm-9.30pm (Registrations start at 7.00pm)
Venue : Orkid Room, Level 1, Promenade Hotel (No. 4 Lorong Api-api3, 88000 Kota Kinabalu)
Normal Investment: RM 78/pax (First 80 registrations are COMPLIMENTARY)


Date : 28.11.15 (Saturday)
Time : 3.30pm - 5.30pm (Registrations start at 3.00pm)
Venue : M Hotels ( Hock Lee Centre, Hotel Towers A & B,Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim,93450 Kuching)
Normal Investment : RM 78/pax (First 80 registrations are COMPLIMENTARY)


Becoming a property millionaire doesn't have to be just a dream. You can turn it into a reality even before you reach 30 years old. Don't let doubts and excuses hinder you from achieving what others have accomplished.

"Excellent. I wish I had known this programme in 10 years back."

Tan Poh Hing
Senior Project Lead, 39 years old

This programme is very good because help and train me to be a professional investor in property investment."

Dolras Chua
Business Manager, 31 years old

"I have accumulated 50 over properties by using M.A.G.I.C formula."

Coryene Loh
Property Investor, 28 years old

Normal Price: RM 78/pax
(First 80 registrations are COMPLIMENTARY)

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