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eCommerce Success in Malaysia:
How You too Can Be Like Them



Thurs, Dec 18th
10 - 11 AM
Malaysia Time

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  • 1

    let’s crunch some numbers on the e-commerce opportunities out there

  • 2

    travel into the past to see how e-commerce has evolved in Malaysia

  • 3

    how we are now at “e-commerce 3.0” phase.

  • 4

    share some of the recommended approaches to start e-commerce

  • 5

    how to do well by looking at the case studies of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Speaker: CK Wong

(Author of "“Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories”)

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Speaker Profile: CK Wong

CK Wong a.k.a @ckaywong is the co-founder of - a website devoted to covering e-commerce insights in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. It is equipped with professional know-how, data-driven, in depth content written by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs or anyone who is interested in e-commerce topics.

He has also founded - an e-commerce enabler that supports merchants from small & medium businesses to big brands on their e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns. The service offering ranges from webstore setup, digital marketing, fulfillment to conversion, or anything e-commerce.

CK was a columnist in local newspaper writing on e-commerce trends and regularly shares his analysis on e-commerce via local media. He has just authored a book titled 'Malaysian e-Commerce Success Stories”' with MPH publishing, featuring 10 local e-commerce entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

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