Managing Gen Y Effectively & Efficiently

“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It’s not about money, it’s about the people you have, how you’re led and how much you get it.”

– Steve Jobs, in Fortune, November 9, 1998

Special Note: the collaboration with Inti Students are a form of WIN-WIN partnership between FounderMethod and students.

I have a unique skill … I am uniquely LAZY & will keep on think of ways to find short cuts … … I ran through Steve Job’s quote like a million times and had an idea , “what if I can outsource my entire execution & operation to virtual Gen Y staffs … ?” since I don’t have any money nor I have any resources to start FounderMethod …

Finally, after 1 year of perfecting this skill, I am proud to have self-learn how to acquire the skills of virtually managing hundreds of Gen Y staffs to get the best out of them and to deliver work to me …

This Video is done by my virtual “staffs” or “talented students” … work done in 10 days time …

There’s “product innovation”, there’s  “business innovation” which I am eagerly self-learning those …

But I call this “operation innovation” , after acquiring this skill, I feel much more confident in going out there to expand my platform … Business guys out there, please comment if I am wrong at the terms I am using here …

For the past 6 weeks, I guided 66 Inti Subang Mass Communication Student on 14 different projects running simultaneously. This video is only 1 out of excellent projects delivered by the students …

group #5, I must say special thanks to them. They completed video teaser for FounderMethod that went viral (more than 300 views in less than 3 days) …

  • 1 day for concept planning & talent scouting
  • 1 day for video shooting
  • 2 days for editing & completion
  • 3 days to promote the video

I took time to study PowerPlan (which is a business and strategic course for FounderMethod paying member). What I extracted most from PowerPlan is Idea + Plan + Execution + Resource = Outcome

Breaking down this equation further… Well, I always dream of achieving BIG Ideas & BOMBASTIC Plans … But, I am too lazy to Execute nor I have any Resources (Staffs) or Money …

What I did was totally different … I partner with Inti International University in their Employer Relations project to get students to be the doing the “Execution + Resource” to my “Ideas + Plan” … and Walah, There’s Massive Outcome beyond my wildest dreams …

My Personal Thought of going through this project with the 66 inti students ?

I personally learn a lot from the Gen Y students … Companies often complain about Gen Y about their working attitude. However, I did not complain, I observed and understand them … I build online automation system that allow these Gen Y students to PERFORM their fullest potential and deliver great work for me …

The Gen Y students, if given the right tools (Google Apps or Whatsapp or Facebook etc) and the right virtual leader (the Lazy Evanna Phoon), is able to unleash their fullest potential and contribute tremendously … They are the FUTURE of our society and we must respect them for they have the wealth of talents and skills to excel and bring our world to a better place …

Technologies are just TOOLS, it has no effect if the leader and driver do not know how to OPTIMIZE the tool to be productive & efficient … And I have developed the rare skills of developing online automation system that allows thousands of virtual students to work hard and work smart for me … because I am super obsessed with Efficiency & Productivity … and I super love to Gen Y … They love my style of virtual leadership and I love their creative work … 

  • I do not offer consultancy services…
  • I do not do physical training or speaking …
  • I am simply too lazy …
  • I only share my knowledge ONLINE … it’s the only place where you can tap into the brain of the Lazy Evanna Phoon ya ?

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Group #5 Inti Mass Communication Students that Did the Funny Youtube Video Teaser for FounderMethod in less than 1 week .. Evanna Phoon (far left)

My special thanks to Group #5,  member consist of

  1. Kathir Ir Thika
  2. Ng Fei San
  3. Catherine Marie
  4. Huey Xin
  5. Evon Sun
  6. Charissa Ho
  7. Elly Vithra

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  • fion

    Reply Reply March 10, 2014

    How about retail and service industries, how about hospitality industries, accounting and auditing….. there are many industries out there need them to put in at least 8 hours in their jobs, physically involving and interacting with human or work, not all jobs can be done online.

    Your suggestion only for your industry.

    • Evanna Phoon

      Reply Reply March 10, 2014

      tqtq for your comments … yes, you are right … if we are doing consultation related services, there’s no way you can do online because client pay us for our TIME … i am sharing this because there are certain routine task that if we put our minds and heart into it … can be automated and do it online ….. do it more efficiently …
      i believe hospitality, accounting & auditing will have some task that can be more productive & efficient ….. 🙂

    • Evanna Phoon

      Reply Reply March 10, 2014

      some industries are very resource intensive … i am also a big fan of setting up system so that it’s not a pain when staffs leaves the company … 😀 .. like accounting line, it’s a pain to train and re-train people … so, perhaps there’s a way to ensure that being a boss is less stressful … 😀

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