Master Clas #212: How to Use DISC Personality Profiling to Manage People You Work With

Master Trainer: Alexander See (ActionCoach, SparkActivators)

Total: 120 mins

5 mins : Evanna to Introduce Alexander
90 mins: Alexander’s Presentation
25 mins : live Q&A

Master Trainer’s Full Profile
At a young age, Alexander See has spent his career working with a boutique property developer, also a family business. Graduating with a degree in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, he started at ground zero with the family business. Working his way up over the years to the role of Sales & Marketing Manager, he was eventually tasked to market and sell the family business’s maiden residential project, now a completed luxury condominium located along the Embassy Row of Kuala Lumpur. In a company of less than 10 staff including the directors, he also has had to help manage various aspects of property development from the start of construction right through till its completion in 2015. Covering various aspects of construction and the sales and marketing of the project, he has had to deal and work with different contractors, consultants, advertising agencies, real estate agents, lawyers,government officials, construction workers, security guards, cleaners, and not forgetting his own directors and family.

In April 2015 and in his own capacity, he joined a business network, BNI, to build exposure for the family project. A year later, he was elected as the President of his BNI chapter, tasked to run and grow his group of over 30 business owners. Having worked with family and in a male dominated industry, his greatest achievements and biggest challenges were deciding and making personal and work decisions that are right and for the betterment of the company.

Having met and dealt with many business owners from various industries including his own directors, he believes that business success depends on a combination of 4 things which cannot work without one another: Mindset, Environment, Knowledge, and Experience.

His passion lies in helping others and bringing people together. But it was only when he found ActionCOACH that he discovered how he can help business owners grow, rediscover their passion and find their greater purpose. To achieve his vision of changing Malaysia for the better, he believes that change must start at the grass root level, from the bottom up, and that education is the root of it all. Through ActionCOACH, it is his plan to first re-educate Malaysians through business re-education. In his eyes, this is his first small step to creating positive change.

Outside of work and BNI, he spends his time working on his fitness which currently comprises handball, weightlifting, cross fit,and running. Prior to joining a handball team earlier this year, he was previously an avid practitioner of martial arts which include boxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu,and mostly Muay Thai.

Alexander See

Brief Profile

    • Experienced in Real Estate, Sales & Marketing, Construction, and Building Management.
    • Leading a group of over 30 business owners and is responsible for the overall growth of their BNI chapter in terms of members and business generated.
    • His passion lies in helping others and bringing people together.He believes that change must start at the grass root level, from the bottom up, and that education is the root of it all.


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