Master Class #60-How to Manage Staffs from different Generations in Your Company Gen X , GenY, Baby Boomers

Peter Lam, Author of More Business More Success Business Growth & Succession Planning Specialist will be sharing on

“How to Manage Staffs from different Generations in Your Company Gen X , GenY, Baby Boomers”

Up Close and Personal with Peter Lam

Who is Peter Lam ?


Results are Peter Lam’s passion, and he is an expert at teaching business leaders and their teams to make the leap and apply what they’ve learned to the real work they do. Peter puts his heart and soul into his clients so you will have someone focused on YOU.

For more than 3 decades, Peter has empowered people to achieve better results and top performance in business, sales, marketing, team, money and life. He is the author of More Business, More Success that helps entrepreneurs, and organisations increase sales, improve profitability and build solid, high-performance teams.

Peter began his career initially in Advertising and Marketing and has over 20 years senior management experience with Fortune 100 companies such as Unilever, Kraft Foods and Ogilvy & Mather.

A dynamic high- impact presenter and public speaker, Peter applies his real world experience and has designed and implemented executive education and coaching programs with Petronas, Maxis, Citibank, UMCCed, CPA Australia, the Arab-Malaysian group, and the Ministry of Higher Education.

He was awarded the Action Man Asia-Pacific Award in 2007 in recognition for being the first Platinum Mentor Coach in Malaysia. Peter Lam is one of the most gifted and exciting speakers in Malaysia. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and their teams and has been known to shake-up the status quo, change behaviours and achieve unprecedented results. He is passionate and totally committed to helping business leaders, corporations and ordinary people succeed and achieve real, improved results

Peter, How did you start your business ?

Inspired by Pelican story

What motivates you daily to build your business?

Helping more clients get results

Have you ever failed at anything? If so, how did you handle it and what did you learn?

Too many to record here… hope to put the lessons down in my next book

What services or products is your company offering ?

– Executive Coaching
– Customized seminar – Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Business Development, Team Alignment, Conflict Resolution, Elegant Leadership, Higher Productivity & Time Management.
– 1 to 1 consultation
– Succession Planing for Family Business

What’s next for your company ?

– Just released my first book “More Business, More Success”
– Currently up-scaling my business in the online space

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