Master Class #203: How to Use INSTAGRAM to Grow Your Business by Founder of Supermodels Secrets Sdn Bhd, Michelle Chuah

Master Trainer: Michelle Chuah, Founder of (Ecommerce in beauty) & Marketing Director of (Web + Software Developer & digital marketing powerhouse)

What is covered in this training
10 mins Introduction to Michelle & Supermodels2u + IdeaOne
60 mins Michelle share on How to Market on Instagram
20 mins Q&A

Master Trainer: Michelle Chuah
CEO & Founder of Supermodels Secrets Sdn. Bhd ( ). Marketing Director of Ideaone System Solutions Sdn Bhd ( ).Online Entreprenuer . Social Media Specialist.

Michelle Chuah founded Supermodels Secrets – an online store in beauty in Malaysia since July 2010. With its humble beginnings as a one-man-show blogshop operating from home with only 2 products, she has spearheaded the organic growth of the company to over 700 products and a team of employees with a brick-and-mortar store over the years. Sales has also blossomed from 4 figures a month to 6 figures monthly since its inception with sales hitting over the million mark annually – all this were achieved primarily via social media marketing.

In the training arena, she has trained over 600 merchants on how to do social media marketing for over the past two years.

Michelle has been actively involved in social media and digital marketing for more than five years and has a knack for Instagram marketing. She has worked with various companies in the fields of IT, Pharmaceutical sector as well as large commercial companies such as FedEx upon her graduation from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

In year 2008 she left the corporate world due to health reasons – her right eye got blinded from a parasite scar on her retina leaving her with one eye left & a weakened immune system and henceforth, she was advised by her physician to quit her job. This led to some soul searching which in turn got her involved in the modelling industry as it was less taxing to her health – her modelling stint soon inspired the birth of Supermodels Secrets offering products for women to look beautiful instantly online.

Her mission for Supermodels Secrets is to help women look beautiful from head to toe in the shortest time possible in light of today’s growing number of busy corporate women.

She also serves as the Marketing Director for IdeaOne System Solutions Sdn. Bhd. – A company specialising in website development, software customisation, & digital marketing. Their portfolio boasts a pretty packed punch; they are the developers behind the websites of Public Bank, Prudential, Chatime, E-Hotel & many more corporate clients. Her passion in the ecommerce arena has only grown fonder. Marrying the technological advances of the latter with the market know-how of Supermodels Secrets gave birth to a more robust online business over the years.

With the volatile online marketing/social media landscape challenging marketeers the world over, Michelle has managed to overcome them with marketing hacks that allows e-commerce businesses to flourish in the ever changing marketing environment and can tackle them hands-on, garnering her an invaluable social media marketing experience to grow a successful online business.

Michelle Chuah

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