Master Class #168: How To Monetize On Your Hobby

Dephy Oon Founder & Partner at Paddee Connexions, LLC, International Speaker, Global Entrepreneur & Coach

“Can I monetize my hobby without starting a company or getting into business?”
“What is online marketing?”
“What if I don’t like selling?”
“Who would want to buy my products?”
“I don’t know anything about business.”
“How do I find like-minded people to be part of my community?”

Have you ever considered monetizing your hobby?
You love to spend more time doing what you love but don’t know how to sustain your hobby without income. You spend time grinding the hours at a job that’s routine and unfulfilling just because it pays the bills and provides some pocket money to finance your hobby. Every little time and space you have, you try to fit as much of it doing what you love. It relaxes you, inspires you to create more ways of enjoying it and you feel rejuvenated whenever you spend time with it. What you love to do, be it travel, cooking, photography, yoga, dance, it CAN be your road to freedom.

Join us on for an engaging time to generate returns from your hobby.


Master Class #168: How To Monetize On Your Hobby

* The difference between information in an academic journal and in a patent description – why articles in academic journals are not sufficient
* What kind of information is needed in a patent description to secure a strong patent

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Master Trainer: Dephy Oon
Transformational Speaker, Executive Mastermind and Coach.She connects with audiences anywhere with her dynamic purpose and vision, and delivers the ideas objectively and logically, creating a unique personal learning experience for each person. She holds the belief that anyone anywhere can improve their quality of living when they are self aware and they make the decision to change what goes into their minds.

Charismatic and energetic, she uses her talents and abilities to add value to the lives of others. By speaking from the heart, her messages resonate with those who are seeking solutions to live a balanced and quality life despite the storm of rapid and complex changes in their surroundings.

Dephy is a highly experienced coach who specializes in working with board level directors, CEOs and senior management teams. Her clients are predominantly multinationals in the finance, professional services, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance and infrastructure. In her coaching engagements, Dephy addresses both the emotional and intellectual aspects of good leadership. The former includes building relationships, engaging people and developing cultural flexibility. The latter includes the articulation and implementation of strategy, problem-solving, and managing transitions, either into new roles or to change gear within an existing role in order to manage business change and growth.

With nearly two decades of working and business experience, from working up the ranks as an employee to running her own company, she has much business and management experience to offer. She uses her skills to usher in new thinking and shifts from traditional to new mindset to enable the organisation to compete more effectively.

Brief Career History


Global Entrepreneur & Speaker;
Founder of Paddee Connexions LLC

2005 – 2012

Managing Director. Founded REDWIRE Global Solutions, an IT Services & Solutions company operating in 2 countries – Malaysia & Guangzhou, China. REWIRE capitalised on the growing demand to quickly up-skill outsourcing and offshore support centres of regional organisations by contracting high-tech professionals from anywhere. The company offered automated solutions for tracking and reporting analytics and innovative sourcing.

2003 – 2005

Executive Director for a US-based public sector SAP partner & offshore outsourcing. Positioning the business for expansion through productisation efforts and high-growth services efforts. Implementation of global certification standards for services providers and outsources.

1999-2002 Senior Executive, Projects & Business Development.

Local government projects focused; technology integration & implementation of a vision of the future of a fully cyber-integrated city with supporting IT portals and lifestyle solutions.

Prior to 1999 PR of Singapore.


B. Sc. (Info Systems & Comp Science)
National University of Singapore (1989-1992) (Asean Scholar)
Mensa Qualified Member

Core Competencies
Business Startups
Technology Strategies for growth
Project Managing your Business
Building Goals as a Winning Team
Masterminding for Winners
Collaboration initiatives
Speaking for influence

Books, Hobbies & Lifestyle
Nelson Mandela – The Long Walk to Freedom is one of my favourites. And Napoleon Hill’s “The Masterkey to Riches”; along with scores of other books by Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller and other distinctive successful individuals.
I enjoy fixing jigsaw puzzles and reading. Starting my blog soon. I travel often and I get to choose as much time as I want to spend anywhere; travel with ease. Passionate about this planet we live on.

On Social Media

Favourite channels – #virtualentrepreneur, #business,
#startups, #womenintech,#entrepreneurs, #motivation,
#bigdata, #greenenergy, #MillionaireEnergyEXchange

Twitter @dephyoon, @PaddeeCo

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